“Battle scarred shogun…

“…explosion when the pen hits, tremendous…”


As many will know, my knees aren’t in the greatest shape. I would trade with Bill Cartwright in an instant – one little bitchy bout of baby tendonitis is infinitely more bearable than the snapped ligaments, cartilage removals, arithtic tendonitis, discolations, and general hobbling around I’ve been putting up with since I was 15. Football is for warriors! Not THAT football – THIS football. Two and a half weeks ago, I had surgery on my left knee and it has been healing up quite nicely – the swelling has almost disappeared and the scars are little more than another little set of lines to add to my battle collection. Everything was cool until last night – my dog ran full speed into my knee with her fat concrete-covered head and almost crippled me all over again. I am in pain. The end.

Here’s some pics of the surgery though! (1 2 3 4)
Ain’t technology great? This surgery was to repair a torn meniscus and to remove a cyst on my kneecap. Yay for surgeons!


Hiphop-wise, its been kind of quiet since last week’s Diddy vs Lox smackdown… it seems the Lox really are the little boys that Diddy made them out to be – there hasn’t been a peep out of them since he sonned them last Thursday.

Nas is on the front of the new Scratch Mag, hinting at the Nas/Jigga/Primo album that was discussed eons ago by yours truly and a host of other handsome young fuckwits.

Scratch’s sister magazine meanwhile continues to pimp itself to the lowest common denominator while ragging on The Source for doing exactly the same. Benzino owns the Source, 50 and Em it seems now own XXL. They’re pretty much as shite as each other now in terms of decent coverage and with every other month at each being either a 50 or Zino related cover or theme, its clear that payola isn’t limited to Hot 97 these days. This and this continue to shine amongst the major’s shit.




334 Mobb
Take A Picture
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Keep It Pimpin’
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Alabama Ho
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Field Mob – Friday Night
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Today’s listening list
8Ball & MJG – Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed (unreleased)
Above The Law – Untouchable (What Cha Can Prove Remix) – props to Strategy
CRU – Bubblin’
Hot Karl – I’ve Heard
Isaac Hayes – Wonderful
Nina Simone – Gin House Blues
Tarrie B – Packin’ A Punch
(download it here)

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  1. Damn, that shit aint fun-KNEE.

    Album I still cannot take out of my player: Mystic – Cuts For Luck, Scars For Freedom (anybody heard wtf is up with homegirl?!)

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