Respect the Combs

Sean OWNS these muhfuckas

Puffy airs the Lox out. (Rapidshare jacked from Byron.)

Puffy may well be a terrible emcee, but as a businessman I don’t think anyone can argue with his skills for making money. He HANDLED those dudes in this interview. He called them out as straight bitches – “you ain’t throwing refridgerators at who you were beefing with “, and gave them (AND Angie – he made you look RETARDED) a lesson in publishing. The AT&T comparison sums it up perfectly. The thing that a lot of people seem to be dismissing is that Puffy WILL let them out of their deal – they just need to negotiate the shit instead of trying to get a fucking freebie. (See Mase to G-Unit)

“They called out to New York to help them – help them get a ride to the office.”

They need to just fucking hang it up.


Tha Dogg Pound – DPGC Muzik


Idiot man cut off testicles with blunt wire cutters. (Story)

Superhero or Household Cleaner?


Today’s listening list
Blak Twang – Roadworks
Bruce Ruffin & Pat Kelly – There Comes A Time
Compton’s Most Wanted – Late Night Hype
Jasmine Guy – Another Like My Lover (Hiphop Remix)
Rakim – Tryin’ To Write Rhymes
Shy-D – Shake It
Willie Hutch – Out There
(download it here)

2 Replies to “Respect the Combs”

  1. Angie Martinez sucks like the rest of Hot97 NYC. (except Bobby Konders) Grrrr…

    Good lookin’ on those old Speech/Arrested Development tracks too. It had been a minute –

    Grease A/L.

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