REVIEW: Nonchalant – Until The Day

Until The Day

Artist: Nonchalant

Album: Until The Day

Label: MCA

Rating: 5 / 10

Reviewer: Truplaya611

Going back to 1996, this DC Native dropped her first album. I €™m talking about “Until The Day” by Nonchalant. The first track is an ‘intro’ that describes what listeners are going to expect, as well as what city they representin €™, and so on. Not a big opener, but we €™ll see how the rest goes.

The next track is ‘It €™s all Love’, which Non lets us know she is all about that L-O-V-E. Just from hearing those tracks, I could tell the vibe of this album was going to be mellow, but I €™m not gonna sleep.

‘Crab Rappers’, the title of this track speaks for itself. A dedication to all the “hatas” out there trying to bring others down.

Next is the hot, first single off the album ‘5 o €™clock’. When I first heard this song on the radio, I was like, “this is madd deep”. On the real it is. I was feelin €™ the message about the challenges of drugs, violence, racism, and genders in society.

‘Lookin €™ Good to Me’, a peppy upbeat song, describes the guy she goes crazy for. You know she talking about me right?, lol, I doubt that.

Next, we have a little intermission called ‘Kickin €™ It With Non’. She more on the lines confronts her “man” with his drinking problem, and how she €™s is going to blow up once the album is done.

‘Have a Good Time’ has more of a hip-hop feel to it. Non raps about how she rolls on the party tip. “Party on a Sunday, when you should be sleeping” – should be in church if you ask me.

‘Lights N €™ Sirens’, calls out those cops that mess it up for society. (Ex. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.) I also think that she was implying racial relations too. I kinda liked that joint though.

‘Non Interlude’ speaks for itself. A jazz/synthesized blend of smooth vocals singing “Nonchalant”.

Next is the title track ‘Until the Day’. This, and ‘5 o €™clock’ are my favorites only because of the messages in them. Pretty good production on this song.

In ‘Mr. Good Stuff’, Nonchalant describes her ideal man, one that €™s almost similar to ‘Lookin €™ Good to Me’. Also, she shows us her singing skills in the beginning of the track.

‘Thank You’ is all about the almighty up above, God. Props on that joint.

Finally to end the album, is the ‘Outro’, which is just a smooth, synthesized instrumental just like the one in the “Non Interlude”, just without the vocals. Overall, the messages delivered by Nonchalant about different struggles in life were deep. The only thing I wasn €™t feelin €™ was the production skills. There were a few good ones, but it lacked variety. Hopefully if Nonchalant drops a second album, there will be a more variety of sound.

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