Virginia is for lovers (of music)

Laffy Taffy

So I spent the Thanksgiving weekend in Virginia – nice little 13 hour road trip up and down from Tallahassee. I wanna send shoutouts to the students at the University of Virginia, and the staff at Plan 9 record stores in Charlottesville, and also the staff at CD Warehouse in West Bumfuck, S.Carolina – y’all are some dumb muhfuckas. What half-baked student sold their OG pressings of “Operation Doomsday”, Shinehead’s “Unity”, Blahzay Blahzay’s album, and Main Source’s “Breakin’ Atoms”? What fool of a record store owner then put them on sale for $1.99? You suckas. And as these are all spare copies for me, Ebay will be calling soon…

As well as these, I picked up a gang of other stuff at ridiculously low prices – some shit I’ve been after for a minute but didn’t want to splash out full price for (La Chat – Murder She Spoke, a couple of early Eightball & MJG pieces amongst others), and some other stuff that I already have but that fools should pay a tidy price for on Ebay once I throw up these extra copies along with the joints above (Tairrie B’s “Power Of A Woman”, the first 3 Fat Boys albums, CB4 soundtrack, Humanreck album and a few others).

I also got a shitload of vinyl from Plan 9 too – some overlooked shit indeed, which I will rip the best of to share with y’all – too much to mention here now though – I’m still sorting through it all…

Other outstanding highlights from the trip…
As if to prove that people from these places are idiots, we saw some cat reading a book while driving at 80 mph in North Carolina. I managed to operate a phone and drive at 85mph in order to take a pic. I am not an idiot.

Discussion on the way up about the top 5 handicapped rappers… my list was:
1) Bushwick Bill – inch high private eye AND one headlamp = double trouble!
2) Khujo from Goodie Mob – one peg, world party
3) DJ Paul from Three 6 & D-Roc from Ying Yang – tied for third due to shared ownership of the Beadle award. I bet they’re game for a laugh.
4) Preech-man – one off your radar – the first rapper on crutches!!!
5) MC Hawking (I’m only putting this cat in here because there was some group who proudly boasted of having a member with no arms or no legs or some shit, and I can’t remember their name. This was their MAIN selling point. “Hey look, we have a rapping torso!”)

And it seems that the Carolinas are Laffy Taffy crazy… the shit was never OFF the radio on my way through. The novelty wore off for me a couple of months ago. Please stop the madness now.



Busta Rhymes – Touch It
Windows Media Player

Eminem ft Nate Dogg – Shake That
Windows Media Player

Jazze Pha & Cee-Lo – Happy Hour
Listen to the track (Windows Media Player)
See the video (Windows Media Player)


Today €™s listening list
Arythmetic ft Dan-E-O – Gwan Tell
Bushman – Yes Man Jah
CL Smooth – Warm Outside
Geto Boys – My MALT’S Playing Tricks On Me
Goapele – Go Remix
Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon
Positive & LG – A Good Combination (Remix)
UTFO – Bite It
(download it here)

4 Replies to “Virginia is for lovers (of music)”

  1. Fucker. You shit on that Arythmetic mixtape and then put the Dan-E-O track on here. I’m going to hit you when I see you.

  2. what was so daft was that they the VA stores had copies of Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em on sale for 5.99… there was also an indie store in Bumfuck, round the corner from that Cd Warehouse that was wall to wall independent ATL no-marks artists that nobody but their family would have known – all priced at $10… right next to Alicia Keys, Bow Wow, Dr Dre etc priced at $8… I think crack was being smoked in there…

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