I write in the night to bring truth to the light…

“my dialogue is my own…”

Sword fighting in effect...

The review

The review of the review
“This” is BY FAR, the best review of my album to date. This is so perfectly written and thought out, I don €™t even know what to say. I disagree with him about “Dreaming”, as I do like that song a lot, but have always been uneasy about how Beer commercial Reggie sounds on €œHome Sweet Home. € Don €™t get me wrong I love what Reggie did, but I always had concerns about the ending and actually used the term “beer commercial.” But saying that you’re song sounds like it should be in any commercial is usually when the producer/label guy/engineer/anyone who can make publishing money says, “Naw, it sounds amazing.” Wow, I €™m still sorta speechless about how he nailed it. He even caught on to the concept of the record (especially the €œLet €™s Talk €/ €Suburban Superstar € progression which NO ONE got). I like this reviewer, positive or negative points. We need more of this in rap.

Sometimes its nice to be appreciated – props to Hot Karl for the props. Go check out his album, you suckas.


While we’re in the middle of this sausage fest, lets talk about the Lox sucking Diddy so hard that Sean John choad is permanently lodged in the back of their collective throats…

Diddy sons the Lox once again…

“Basically, he gave us all our publishing back. He didn €™t have to do what he did. In the business world, what he did, was like a four-leaf clover. The results was great. € Styles said both parties assembled today with their lawyers and made a mutually satisfactory decision in a 45-minute meeting. €œWhat he did for us, he didn €™t have to do. What he did for us was splendid. He made it so much easier. He made our business beautiful, € Styles continued.”

So basically he pulled their skirts up TWICE – first by making women out of them in his initial Angie interview, and then engineering the situation to the point where they were forced to go back on air and kiss the ring. Diddy may well be a cunt sometimes, but often he’ll do some ish like this, that makes you respect his gangsta. Sean is the don (pussy when he want, rolex on the arm)…

Elsewhere, Tally’s very own T-Pain apparently got jacked for his chain, then later got it back. The thief shoulda done him a favor and kept the fucking thing – its like something a kid gets in a Xmas stocking.


The sooner my man gets back onto that Nappy Headz shit the better – that vocoder is for the birds… (pic jacked from concreteloop)


Letoya (the pretty one who got kicked out of the original Destiny’s Child lineup) – ‘All Eyes On Me’ ft Paul Wall & Slim Thug
Windows Media Player

Field Mob – ‘Friday Night’
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Lil Flip – ‘What It Do’ ft Mannie Fresh
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B-Boy Hodown. Don’t ask me…

This makes me laugh.

So does this.

Be wary of bidding for ebay xboxes. You might run into people like this or this… (opens with Acrobat reader – read the last line of the descriptions)


Today’s listening list
Damani ft Keak Da Sneak – Gotta Stay Paid
DJ Magic Mike – The Dynamic Uno
Dynamite MC – Industry
Ice Cube – Record Company Pimpin’
Leroy Smart – Without Love
Lowrell – Mellow Mellow Right On
Planet Asia ft Goapele – Upside Down
(download it here)

2 Replies to “I write in the night to bring truth to the light…”

  1. Loving the XBox auctions. I’m thinking of starting a listing…”you are bidding for the privilage of sniffing my new XBox”.

  2. A to the L stole T-Pains chain! He has been seen cruising the strip malls of Tallahassee yelling “Whattttttttt, Whattttttttt” — as quoted by the NY Daily News

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