I’m going to hell…

The Passion Of The Benny

…because I cry with laughter whenever I watch this… is this wrong?

In other news, big shouts to Koch and Jive for servicing me (no homo) with some new releases… expect coverage very soon…

If you’re reading this post twice in your RSS thingy, its cos I deleted the first one by accident. I am a tool.



Interview conducted by Dax-Devlon Ross.

The Independence Artist

Part 1 – Lunch

€œHe held out for a long time, an illimitably long time; why stop now, when he was in his best fasting form? Why should he be cheated of the fame he would get for fasting longer, for being not only the record hunger artist of all time…but for beating his own record by a performance beyond human imagination… €

REVIEW: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Artist: Various

Album: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Soundtrack

Label: G-Unit / Interscope

Rating: 2.5 / 10

Reviewer: A to the L

Curtis is born. Curtis sells drugs. Curtis makes raps. Curtis takes slugs (nine). Curtis survives. Curtis makes rap about selling drugs, taking slugs (nine), and surviving. Curtis makes clothes. Curtis makes water. Curtis makes sneakers. Curtis makes video games. Curtis makes MONEY.