WTFGIO? Part 698450980

I blame Marshall for this. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Kill them all now. Please.

On a somewhat related note, whatever happened to Nile from ‘Made’? “Who?” you say. “THE BLIZZARD IS COMIN’!” says I.


If I had 6 months to live (Nappy Diatribe)

Byron comments on Benzino threatening white women. Benzino is a fucking tool – call him and tell him..

Stop fucking sleeping on these cats and what they do – B-Side Wins Again.

The Chappelle Theory

The Cosby Theory

Lil Scrappy versus Orlando police

My man sets the record straight on this jinny-ann as expected. I forgot to post this earlier.

The Perfect Beat

Playaz Circle €“ Playaz Circle ft Jazze Pha
Windows Media Player
Real Player

Slim Thug – Already Platinum (Chopped & Screwed)
Listen to the whole album online here
and peep the related contest here

Termanology (a DJ Premier favorite… all files open in Real Player)
22 Years
The Anthem
Motion Picture
This Is Hip-Hop
Learn more about Termanology and his upcoming album here.

Urban Mystic – Its You ft Paul Wall
Windows Media Player Vid
Real Player Vid
Quicktime Vid


Today’s listening list
ABN – My Momma
Baby Bash ft Paul Wall & Natalie – Throwed Off
Blood Of Abraham – 99 Cent Lighter
K Young – Happy Together
Mad Lion – Take It Easy
Starpoint – Bring Your Sweet Loving Back
Zhigge – Rakin’ In The Dough
(download it here)

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  1. 8 Mile is to be blamed for every fuckin idiot that gets up to battle or ‘freestyle’ at all these random ‘battles’ that pop up now. Plus, it is to also be blamed for all the idiots stepping to the dj booth wanting to freestyle.

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