Fuckwit of the year


Break out the coin-filled sock, and please hit this lunatic right in his fucked-up jaw. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the ‘saviour of Hiphop’ proclaims…

“I’m the most controversial artist this year,”

“I’m saying that as an observation, not as a stunt; from the outside looking in, you know?”

DJ Screw vs DJ Fury

Just received this in my email… interesting reading, though not enough to make me rush and buy DJ Fury’s stuff – after all, it did come from his PR team…


DJ Screw vs DJ Fury

Who Did It First :D.J. Screw or D.J. Fury?

“And I don’t give a fuck if you know Judo…

…cause I’ma blow your motherfuckin ass to Pluto”

G Rap

(no homo)

As I’ve been stuck in the middle of writing reviews, blending Motown acapellas with Hiphop beats (I see you RS), preparing immigration paperwork, doing strenous left knee rehab, and otherwise being a cultural and financial leech, I haven’t had much time to spit out the numerous links I’ve been emailed for various music people who want to be pimped…

Go now… you’re an embarrassment…

Go now, please...

Received a letter just the other day,
Don’t seem they wanna know you no more,
They’ve laid it down given you their score,
Within the first two lines it bluntly read.

You’re not to come and see us no more,
Keep away from our door,
Don’t come ’round here no more
What on earth did you do that for?