Break out the coin-filled sock, and please hit this lunatic right in his fucked-up jaw. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, the ‘saviour of Hiphop’ proclaims…

“I’m the most controversial artist this year,”

“I’m saying that as an observation, not as a stunt; from the outside looking in, you know?”

And of course he deserved the Rolling Stone cover, because…

“You should give it to me because I’m doing my job,”

“I’m making good music, and it’s interesting and changing the world and everything, so you put me on the cover. I appreciate it. I don’t want to come off, like, ungracious, but I feel like I had to fight to get on these covers.”

Fuck off please you over-rated twunt.

(jacked from dlisted, who’s comments section is full of complete spanners, it seems…)

*edit* Bol knows whats up… so does Fresh

*edit pt 2* and speaking of fuckwits, don’t think I missed this tosspot getting a big front page graphic and a feature interview on Allhiphop.com a few days ago. Christ, knows how much coke-ah-yeen-ah was being sniffed the day that decision was made…