The Grammy Awards post

I toyed with doing a blow-by-blow (nh) account of the 2006 Grammy Awards, but couldn’t be arsed, partly because I’m a lazy shite, and partly because there’ll be 5487654876 other sites doing the same, probably better than I could have done it. I did record it however, and as I watched it I resolved to comment on a few incidents that caught my eye…

WTFIGO? Part 8584645 : DPGC Idol

Received this a few days ago, thought I’d throw it up (and then maybe just throw up)…


The DPGC Idols are bringing you the exclusive on their hot new reality contest DPGC Idol airing this February on West Coast legend Daz and Big A know exactly what it takes to not only become famous in the grind of hip-hop, but how to gain as much respect as possible. In order to become a new member of the all new DPGC, you’d better know how to hustle.

ARTICLE: We invented the remix

We invented the remix

We invented the remix


Ah, remember those heady days? When the height of fashion was how tall Kid could get his high top fade, when Chuck D spoke and everyone listened, and when Chris Brown’s pops hadn’t even ‘run it’ on Mama Brown yet. And when the remix was often an important tool to an artist, and not just a cash cow.