WTFIGO? Part 8584645 : DPGC Idol

Received this a few days ago, thought I’d throw it up (and then maybe just throw up)…


The DPGC Idols are bringing you the exclusive on their hot new reality contest DPGC Idol airing this February on West Coast legend Daz and Big A know exactly what it takes to not only become famous in the grind of hip-hop, but how to gain as much respect as possible. In order to become a new member of the all new DPGC, you’d better know how to hustle.

The last six finalists have already proved their industry swagger and each one has earned themselves a dream job with Tha Dogg Pound. Now, which one will earn a solo debut record deal with DPG? Follow Brian Taylor, Chaotic, Meko, Dangerous Rob, J-Tripz, and Lix as they get grimey in the streets to promote themselves and DPGC. As these guys will experience, Daz and Big A are all about business and the most industry savvy contestant will take a solo deal home. Be sure to watch as six hustling lyricists learn the business the realest way they can… being dead in the middle of it.

John “Chaotic” Hall may not be your average rapper, but he’s used to having to go the extra mile. He laughs at people who judge him before experiencing his work ethic. “…Keep talking..,!” laughs Chaotic. The DPGC finalists, who is partial to all his fellow contestants, admits he wishes that all the guys could get a solo deal with Tha Dogg Pound.

Brian Taylor aka Blaze Montana is from the Bay area. Brian is the storyteller of the finalists. And in order to keep it real (unlike a lot of showbiz rappers,) Taylor insists on rapping under his own name. “My style is very versatile, see I grew up back and forth between the West and the South, so my flavor is mixed with style and storytelling.”

Rapper and actor MEKO aka Mr. Murder, an Atlanta native, is in no way new to the game. He has rapped with south favorites Lil Keke, Too Short, Outlawz, South Park Mexican, and Goodie Mob. The young MC even had a track on the “Biker Boyz ” Soundtrack. If you haven’t heard anything from this non-newcomer, expect to bob your head to his ill way of describing his life lessons and experiences. Like artists such as Petey Pablo and Lil Jon, Meko’s voice alone can get the crowd hype. Since his passions already included producing, Meko lives for long hours at the studio. Some might have thought he wouldn’t last, but this dude ain’t budging.

John “J-Tripz” Hudson is an around the way type of fellow. Born in Wilmington, Delaware, the rapper represents San Jose and has even lived in the Bahamas Islands. Being an international rapper, J-Tripz also has a crunk flow that distinguishes him from other party pleasers.

Seattle raised rapper Lix started writing rhymes about gang life in the state of Washington at a young age. While hustling strictly to finance his music career, he decided to move to Long Beach where Tha Dogg Pound became a big influence on his style. After a few life threatening events, Lix decided to make the move to NYC, where influences from the east have become a big part of his flow also.

Robert “Dangerous Rob” Daniels is probably the old school legend you’ve never heard of. Being in the rap game for 19 years now, Rob’s first nationally distributed record was with group ‘Partners in Rhyme.” The Tulsa native (who raps about the lighter side of gangsta rap) has already received attention from MurderDog and the Spotnik Awards. He has worked with such greats as Melle Mel, L.L.Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Dr. Dre, Ice T, E.P.M.D., N.W.A., Too Short, Flesh-n-Bone and Chubb Rock.

What do I think? Hot on the heels of Biz on Celebrity Fit Club, Master P dancing in a penguin suit, and that TLC-replace-Left Eye TV show bullshocks, I simply say this…



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  1. Stop hating on these cats, I’ve been reading about them and listening to their music and they bouts to Blow up! Daz needs to release their shit, six Mc’s from six different parts of the country, can’t be mad at that, plus they aint spittin gimmickey shit. Hey why don’t you do a cover for them and submit it, instead of being a hater, be a inovator!

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