WTFIGO? Part 1095877985

As Saturday Night Live continue to milk this stiff-white-actor / actress-rapping-stiffly-about-stiff-things-while-grabbing-their-crotch, all I can ask is, Natalie dear… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?

2 Replies to “WTFIGO? Part 1095877985”

  1. There is something that makes me uncomfortable about all of these ironic, self-deprecating hip-hop spoofs made by white people who think they’re so funny. I don’t want to be all serious all the time, because I find them amusing (well, “Lazy Sunday” was pretty good) and I am not such a serious dude, but I am kind of tired of these white people who think nothing is more hilarious than co-opting the aggressive hip-hop mode and lampooning it. It’s condescending in some ways.

  2. Bingo. But at least most of them have moved on from turning their hat sideways, folding their arms and beatboxing whenever the word ‘Hiphop’ is mentioned a la Three Men & A Little Lady.

    and yes, I do know my shit movies…

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