WTFIGO? Part 89794379874


note: I’ve edited this a couple of times since its original post… mainly to throw in the oscar footage, and speak briefly on the Three 6 haters…

Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar! This is dope. I don’t really give a fuck what anyone else says about them, the song, or how much they didn’t deserve to be there… they came and represented and did a decent job of knocking that song out live in front of rows of suits who had no idea what the hell was going on but probably clutched their wallets a little tighter anyways, just to be safe. And they should have had one for ‘Stay Fly’ anyway, even though that shit wasn’t even in a movie.

I don’t care what the song is about (I’m a big Three 6 fan, and this is fairly well-behaved for them), and I got a little jarred off with Hiphop-related sites and radio stations saying that they wouldn’t be watching the Oscars BECAUSE Three 6 were nominated, or they would watch but turn off for the 5 minutes they were on. Hold on, aren’t these the same people who have no problem bigging up 50, Snoop, Dre, Jadakiss, etc… spinning their records, and promoting their albums and movie appearances with NO problem. Maybe they just don’t like Southern Hiphop – afterall NY seems to have got a stick in its ass lately over the South’s rise. Ha – one in the eye for you muhfuckas.

But seriously, they’re whining on about how Three 6 and the song, don’t portray Hiphop well or don’t portray the black race well, but these are the same people who were masturbating into a frenzy when Halle Berry won an Oscar, even though she had to get her titties out and get banged by Billy Bob to do so. They whined about that for about 5 minutes, and then it was “Fuck that, Halle got the Oscar. WE were owed this!”

Of course you were, so now why can’t you be happy for Three 6, because HIPHOP WAS OWED THIS.

Anyways… the highlight of the stage performance of ‘Hard Out Here For A Pimp’ however was Taraji Henson’s mouth as she sang screamed the last note(?) of the song – planets were quaking as her gigantic gob threatened to swallow them up Galactus-style.

Props to Luda too for his introduction, eloquently explaining to Felicity Huffman et al what they were about to witness. Arf. The only other highlight of a typically snooze-filled Oscar bore, which seemed to spend most of the night trying to tell us how good “Brokeback Mountain” was (nh).

“For those who are keeping score at home – Martin Scorcese, NO Oscars… Three 6 Mafia – ONE!”

YAY for Three 6 Mafia!

Luda won one too! Well a little teeny tiny piece of one, as “Crash” got best picture.

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  1. Ha, I love Latifah’s reaction. She does hollywood latifah well but sometimes they pull her back in you know? Ill. I can’t get over the fact that they performed there let alone won. Much better than the Em win.

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