WTFIGO? Part 2843987678854

Good spot, Serge.

Sweet mother of Jesus, what the fuck is this Miami Vice reject doing? I’m surprised he didn’t turn his hat to the side and start ‘busting a beatbox’ in true Guttenburg/Selleck/Danson/’Three Men & A Little Lady’ style. I’m sure his descent into heroin and gay porn was a quick one – probably about 5 minutes after he turned off the camera right here.

Plumbing the depths of Youtube for rapping faggots = 5647th element of Hiphop.

9 Replies to “WTFIGO? Part 2843987678854”

  1. rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ARSE off…

    the pelvic thrusts! the mullet! the high five with the black guy! the 1962 rhyme patterns! the fact that he was serious!


  2. I wish I could be a real average Homeboy just like him, lol

    Reminds me of a few Emcees in Belfast

    I love the way at the start he gives an explanation as to why his music vid sucks, without mentioning that its really him and not technology that sucks

  3. ouch ouch baby!


    Average homeboy? Looks like a retard to me…

    (Phew! Thanks God I’m Spanish! Our average homeboy is not THAT bad. :p)

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