WTFIGO? Part 59840809390

I’m going down to the hot place for this one, but I really need it to be explained. I saw this last week and just remembered I had stealthily taken pictures with my secret agent cellullar.




How do they pick a winner? Best handbrake turn? Shiniest spinners? Highest one-wheel motion? Most tricked out chair?

I’ll have that one-way ticket to Hades any time now, please.

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  1. You have disappointed your loyal readership by not following up this exciting event…

    Where are the pictures of the foxy, young wheelchairbound ladies flashing their spokes in bikini’s… The Bruce Forsythe compare patting them on the head telling them they are ‘so brave’ for being up there… I want to know about their wishes… “I want world peace and the ability to walk and not dribble when I talk.” Awwwww.

    It’s also the most politically correct beauty pageant ever, not only does it cater for those unable to walk but it’s also ‘Ms Wheelchair’.

    I can’t help but think that yellow spot seeping under the table is a pool of piss, ‘Ms Incontinence Florida’ will be next… If it doesn’t already exist.

    Yeah I guess I’ll see you in Hell…

  2. I’ll top that…

    She was also wearing a sash which said ‘Ms Congeniality’ on it, but at first I though it said ‘Ms Congenital Heart Failure’, and that she’d be up there ridin’ spinners next to Ms Spina Bifida, Ms Muscular Dystrophy, Ms MS (you see what I did there?) etc etc…

    The sulphuric chariot will be here to pick me up in a second…

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