Huh? What?




Phil’s commentary is probably one of the most well-laid out, well-reasoned responses to the broken record-like whining of some people… I was about to write an editorial piece on this whole thing, but my man has beaten me to the punch (no Sugar Ray Leonard.)

WTFIGO? Part 906589585

Jodie Foster is down…

…in the gutter, with the rest of the crack fiends.

How many times did she hit the pipe before she took the stage as guest speaker at Penn’s 250th Commencement? Saying that though, her flow is definitely better than Marshall’s on some of his recent tracks. Jimmy Iovine will be signing her to a 6-album deal soon, and her debut will feature production by Dre, Timbaland, the RZA, and Jessica Simpson’s pops, and tracks featuring 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Akon, and Michael J Fox…