Frantic Friday links

‘because I just can’t be arsed doing anything of real substance today…’

If you’re reading this on Saturday, then the Heat are already in the NBA finals. As much as I like to see team basketball, and as good as Tashan Prince has been throughout these playoffs, I still think a Miami-Dallas final will be the best thing to watch. Plus it’ll be fun to watch Shaq rub it into Kobe that little bit more (no gay massage, despite the pic —->) – he’s still the best center emcee US deputy marshall in the NBA. Anyways…

Joey just got back from London, and he has an interesting way of relaying the tale of his trip
note: see also here and here.
note 2: Irish rule – if you remember so much of this trip that you are able to write these mini-novels about it in such detail… you obviously haven’t drank enough… 🙂

Jerome’s Redman tale is dope. Why does everyone discount “Whut? Thee Album” as a classic though?

Serg wants to cut J5 with a razor or something. On point though.

Meanwhile Humanity Critic is on a mission; The Smoking Section is on they Wu-Tang shit; and this shit is steadily being raped leeched by me. Big up QSBird, especially on that 70’s shit.

Yo Gotti feat Lil Wayne & Baby – ‘I Got Them’
Windows Media Player

The Roots – ‘Don’t Feel Right’
Windows Media Player
Real Player

Da Heavyweighters – ‘Tilting the Scale’
Windows Media Player
Real Player

Cut Chemist
‘The Garden’ (MP3 download)
‘Storm’ feat Mr. Lif and Edan (MP3 download)

Cut Chemist in Brazil working on ‘The Garden’ (VIDEO)
Windows Media Player

Maino feat Lil Kim – ‘Stomp’ (VIDEO)
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Real Player
Today €™s listening list (does anyone actually download these?)
Jody Breeze feat. Freeway – Fast Forward
Kilo – I Wish I Was Kilo
Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time)
Millie Jackson – Memory Of A Wife
OvaDose – TrakPhone
Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Jay Dee Remix)
(download it here)

3 Replies to “Frantic Friday links”

  1. I hate how you use the word raped.

    In other news, Whut is a million times the album Darkside is. Darkside is a great cover, thats about it.

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