Verbals by A to the L
Lloyd Banks – My House (G-Unit / Interscope)
The first single from Banks’ sophomore effort “Rotten Apple” sees 50’s right hand man link up with Timbaland with fairly lacklustre results. Its not really a good combination – Banks’ pedestrian flow and gruff voice sit awkwardly over Timbo’s average beat, and the absence of any kind of memorable hook practically ensures that this will not make any kind of lasting imprint on the average TRL kid. Its the Mobb Deep syndrome all over again innit?
RATING – 5 / 10

The return of Doctor Octagon Part 7

The Return Of Doctor Octagon

Catchdubs “Al Green” (Chapter 2, Verse 908 Remix)

OCD International HQ
Rob Sonic sat around the OCD HQ with a cup of coffee in front of him, As he slowly poured a healthy serving of whiskey into it, he looked around him. Mike Relmn, Gray Kid, along with the OCD staff sat to his left while on monitors to his right were the people of the Money Fight, Cassettes Won’t Listen and Kid Loco (whose transmission looked smoky at best.) All Rob could think was, “how the fuck did I get into this?”

Celebrity Look-a-like & other shite

I had the misfortune to be in the same room when VH-1’s ‘classic’ real-life series ‘Hogan Knows Best’ was on, and in the episode I saw, Hogan’s daughter was trying to get a record deal. Now for most people, grinding through A&R submissions trying to get your music heard by ANYONE who can give you that foot-in-the-door is the normal way of things… not for darling Brooke though. Apparently if your father possesses a pair of 24 inch pythons (no Dirk Diggler) then you automatically have a hotline to super celebrity whore producer Scott Storch, no matter how much you sound like generic R’n’B bitch #387687632. And so it came to pass that young Brooke entered a recording studio to Mariah her little Amazonian posterior off over Storch’s hot beat. Except the hot beat was a straight Jermaine Dupri bite that sounded like warm poo, and Hogan’s daughter had more punch-ins than Big Pun mid-asthma attack.


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