Lets butt racism out of football…


Fuck what the media says, Zidane was spot on to nut Materazzi during the World Cup final. First rumors have the Italian goading ZZ with the classic ‘something about your mother’ line, but apparently its darker than that. Some reports are now surfacing that it may have actually been a comment calling ZZ and his family terrorists, while others merely confirm the ‘mother’ angle, but add the fact that Zidane’s mother was take to hospital seriously ill THAT day.

A wise scribe writes,

“When an Italian of Materazzi’s kind and background calls an Algerian-origin Muslim Frenchman – especially one of Zidane’s beliefs and record – a ‘terrorist’ in the current continental climate, it is freighted with too many offences to list here and a butt is one of the most appropriate responses I can imagine.

Personally I would also say the same of any references to mothers/daughters/wives. Any Latin knows these are sacred turfs and if you step on em you get belted.”

Zidane has previous for almost exactly the same thing. This article describes his Saudi Arabian assault in 1998…

Zidane’s displays in the latter rounds are fondly remembered. But what is often forgotten is his ugly foul on Al Shahrani, the Saudi Arabian on whom he stamped on in the first-round game, bringing a two-match suspension on himself. Zidane said afterwards the Saudi captain had made a slur against the Kabyles, the Muslim nomads of North Africa from whom Zidane is descended.

Furry muff, methinks. For me, it had definite shades of Cantona in ’95 about it, in that ZZ seemed to be walking off, then stopped on hearing ‘something’, and THEN reacted. The pleasure I felt on seeing that plum Simmons get a full face of studs at Selhurst Park was revisited for a short moment yesterday.

Why didn’t he just bite his lip, lead his team to World Cup glory, and then wave the trophy in Materazzi’s face then, you ask?

The same wise scribe answers…

“Cos Cantona and Zidane are classic instinctive players, not percentage merchants. Both are expected to invent and react in a microsecond to unlock oppostions – and yet then the world goes mental when they do the same emotionally in physical/verbal situation. Bah. That’s how they are wired. T thought it was fucking brilliant to be honest. The ultimate statement of an individual: ‘my honour as a man – and my belief that you, Italian cretin, cannot be allowed to do that – are worth more than some golden bauble.’ Obviously, bit of a problem in a team scenario but there you go.”

If FIFA are indeed serious about ridding the game of racism, they could do worse than have a look at this situation again, and get to the bottom of what the Italian said.

Then cut his testicles off.

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  1. Materazzi is now claiming he doesn’t know what an ‘Islamic terrorist’ is therefore can’t have called Zidane or his family anything of the sort.

    What a load of bollocks.

    As soon as Zidane did it, it was obvious that there was something much more sinister than the usual taunting that goes on, as you point out he walks away then hears something else, walks back and nuts him.

    Congrats to Zidane on doing it. Materazzi is a shitbag anyway if the rumours are correct then it just goes further to confirm it and this is even more reason it’s shameful that he’s associated with the People’s Club despite his stay at Goodison being short.

    FIFA will do jack about it though, they’ll claim it’s one players word against anothers and as the ref didn’t hear it then nothing can be done about it.

  2. WHAT DID I SAY??? Italy all the way at the very start! Fuck i should have put my fucking worldly belongings on that hunch but it was not to be.

  3. what up, A?!?! Long time no speak. what’s been good with you? I notice that you’re in the US now?? Holla, kid.


    P the Uptownkid a.k.a. a previous contributor to altrap.com

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