RIP 100.7 The Beat

RIP 100.7 The Beat

My morning routine normally consists of dragging myself out of bed, into the shower, and then out to the car for my mundane commute to that fucking hellhole they call work.

This morning however, in the quest to chisel an improved and granite-like ‘new’ me from my already perfectly-sculpted form battle my professional pieman lifestyle, I dragged myself out of bed, and instead of silently cursing my way to the shower, I noisily cursed my way into throwing some weights around for 30 minutes and doing a load of situps. The quest for the Usher-like six pack started this morning (nh).

My attempt to Mr Muscle myself into another dimension (no Blue Oyster Club) was not the only strange event of the morning to have me cursing though – y’see, during my 45 minutes on the road to hell work everyday, I like to flip through the radio stations like a maniac, frantically trying to avoid another replay of ‘Why U Wanna’ in favor of some listenable chatter. Mindless drivel is usually the order of the day, so its a button pushing exercise between 96.1 Jamz, home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show; Clear Channel’s 100.7 The Beat, home of Russ Parr’s Morning Show; and Blazin’ 102.3, home of Doug Banks In The Morning.

(And yes, I know all the arguments about Clear Channel being ‘of the devil’ and how syndicated shows are taking away jobs from local morning jocks etc etc – but face it – Jay Anthony Brown’s jokes, and Marcel’s Michael Jackson impressions are funnier than Larry & Crazy Bobby or whatever the fuck your local wack presenter is called. The music generally sets the tone for the rest of the daytime anyway – frequently bad, always commerical Hiphop… but that’s not why we listen. Strange as it may seem, you start to look forward to these clowns making that ride to work just that little bit easier each day.)


Today Russ Parr was nowhere to be found on 100.7 The Beat. Shit, 100.7 The Beat wasn’t even 100.7 The Beat anymore – it was now 100.7 WFLA Talk Radio!

“Calm down…. don’t panic. Some clampet has obviously tripped over a wire and pulled the plug on Russ Parr, so mindnumbingly boring presenter #1 and mindnumbingly boring presenter #2, are just two local cats trying to patch things together until normal service is resumed… right?”

Then they start talking about how I can look forward to hearing RUSH FUCKING LIMBAUGH later that day.

Woah, Nelly. WTFIGO? Of course me being an international superstar DJ who yo-yo’s in and out of 100.7 all the time, I have the studio number. So I call it. And it rings… and rings… and rings… and rings…

Then Chad or Quentin or Gareth or whoever the fuck is talking shite on the radio gives out a different number, saying they’re taking calls. I punch it in (no Wilhelm von Homburg) and someone answered before the first ring had even finished…

“100.7 WFLA Talk Radio”, he smarmed…

“Hey, whats up with 100.7 The Beat?”, I menaced (cos I was holding it down for the streets, you understand.)

“Oh yeah, we’re on here now. Its Talk Radio all day now. There’s no more Hiphop here. Although some of the things we talk about are hip… and some are……………………… hop………”.

He tailed off. He fucking better had, after a weak fucking line like that. Larry & Crazy Bobby are like the Richard Pryors of morning radio compared to this clown.

But he spoke the truth about one thing – 100.7 The Beat was dead.

Later that day, my wide network of contacts (big up Gremlock) informed me that management dropped the bomb on Friday, that the station was changing format on Monday morning. Nice move huh? Two days notice that you’re out of a job? The station with arguably the MOST influence and one of the hardest working in the local community is wound up, because some suit decides he likes his talk radio in FM format. Nice work, tool.

So now Tallahassee is served by just one ‘urban’ radio station – Blazin’ 102.3. Its certainly not a bad station – they have some great DJs working there. But 100.7 was ‘home’… it was where my friends worked… it was where some of them were decent enough to give me a little opening to get music out to the people after I arrived here. Some good people got fucked over badly by the good folks at Clear Channel. And it won’t be forgotten.

Fuck Clear Channel.

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  1. What it do A to da L. NonFickshun is in tha building. Pre chate the write up. Yeah, there is a lot of secret “water gate” shit going on @ the clear channel station, and its not in favor of Urban Hip Hop music. There are a lot of questions that have not been answered to the PD (program director) and the rest of the dj’s. The beat was very much in the spotlight for Urban Hip hop and every event we held, we held it down, fa sho! There will be a picketing this Friday 7/14/06 @ 9:00 a.m. in front of the Clear Channel Station. We will not just bow down and hush!

  2. 100.7 was garbage anyway…they didn’t thro many events…or good ones at least. And they lost their station because they wasn’t on their job. ThEY played wack music constantly, which = horrible ratings. DJs sucked becuase they don’t show the 850 as much love as they should have and played what the streets wanted to hear…not that bullshit.

    -Yah boi Kaliko

  3. ThEY played wack music constantly, which = horrible ratings

    In the daytime they played the same commercial stuff that all other Clear Channel Hiphop stations across the country play (and also EXACTLY the same stuff 102.3 play)…

    At night they definitely opened up a lot more – Thrill’s show played a mixture of everything, and every other night he had some unknown cat on there, trying to break their music.

    No matter what they did or didn’t do though, the main issue is that they’ve been REPLACED by a talk radio format, which gives you absolutely ZERO chance of hearing any Hiphop – commercial or ‘for the streets’ on that frequency.

    Nice show of solidarity though. Herb.

  4. fuck dat frequency…aint nobody trynna hear that garbage a$$ shit u college boy! if u was in da streetz like me…u’ll know we dont listen to you wack a$$ commercial djs. if dey was hustlin’ they would not have got punked like dat. str8 klowned ya’ll on ya’ll on rap station. i don’t know why yall niggas having no damn picketing shit anyway…100.7 ain’t cumin’ back cuz, shit dead…crackahs cleaned ya’ll dry like a fat lipp’d hoe

  5. Please know a little more before you speak on some shit. Just about EVERYBODY (streetz included) know that Clear Channel had to follow a specific format…whether they liked it or not…and yes, most of it was commercial stuff…and repetitive.

    What you consider ‘commercial dj’s’ were just doing their job and getting paid to do so. With The Beat gone, now ‘the streetz’ who are trying to make it have LESS of a chance of getting some airplay. If I recall, on Ghetto Fab Live had ‘Smackdown’ where some unknown cats got their tracks featured.

    I agree that the picketing prob ain’t gonna do shit. This is not the first time Clear Channel just up and switched it up like that, and will not be the last.

  6. College boy? I’m rolling here man, honestly.

    You’re so busy trying to play your ‘streets’ card, that you’re not seeing the big picture. Wack or not, commercial or not, with the station GONE, you… yes… YOU – cos I know your ass from Thrill PLAYING ‘I’m Fresh’ on his show (does that make YOU commercial?) – have one less chance of getting your music out to people who might not otherwise have a chance to hear it.

    Its pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, that Clear Channel, Cumulus (who run 102.3) and all the other big corporations have a directive to ALL their stations regardless of genre, to play music mainly by the labels who bankroll them. So yes, a lot of the stuff on MOST radio stations is commercial. I’d reckon about 75-80% of 100.7’s output was commercial, and I never really cared for most of it.

    Unfortunately the DJs HAD to play ball on that 75% in order to get a little of their own input into the remaining 25%. So as much as they themselves hated having to play Keyshia Cole for the 1278th time that day, it was a necessary evil that allowed them to get independent artists’ music AND the artists themselves into the studio and over the airwaves during the OTHER 25% of the time. Would I have heard of Kaliko without 100.7? Would I have heard of Co Lab without 100.7? Would I have heard of T-Slab without 100.7? Maybe I would… but hundreds (potentially thousands) of others wouldn’t, and their first experience of these local artists would have been on the same ‘wack-ass commercial’ radio station you’ve been quick to diss.

    You do you though man, since you obviously know better…

  7. Nigga, I’m Kaliko…I was born to be big. I didn’t need that station to play my shit, Thrill begged me for that record nigga. All I need is the streetz to raise me and get me my millions. I don’t even know why I’m debating with your broke ass. I’m real, and people see dat clearly bitch. Blazin’ 102.3 is beggin for my track to spin it in full rotation right now, but I aint getting down with that commercial shit no more. I’m glad that station is gone…so it stops flooding the streets with bullshit. Now them DJs gotta find new jobs, that got me rollin’ nigga. Getting punked like that is for suckahs cold blooded nigga. Now go stick your nose in a book point dexter…better yet, go buy my Album and listen to what a gangsta gotta preach bitch.

    “IM FRESH”!!

  8. “Nigga, I’m Kaliko…I was born to be big”

    Well at least your head fits the category already. Good luck with the rest, chuckles.

    “All I need is the streetz to raise me and get me my millions.”

    Good luck with that too. Keepin’ it as real as you do (where nobody gets to hear your shit) should help you shift a good 100 or so copies of whatever you choose to put out. You’re well on the way to big bank, Hank.

    “I don’t even know why I’m debating with your broke ass.”

    Believe me, homeslice, you’re not even close to debating with me. I’m sonning you every time you open your mouth.

    “Now them DJs gotta find new jobs, that got me rollin’ nigga”

    Maybe they’ll end up working next to you in McDonalds. Then you can tell them how real you keep it on the grill.

    “go buy my Album and listen to what a gangsta gotta preach bitch.”

    It sounds truly amazing. Do you rip off any other Bow Wow tracks on it? Yawn.

    Stick to ‘keeping it real in the streets’ (online at 9-30pm on a Thursday night = GANGSTA!) and trying to get into TJs DJs events for free to pimp your little cd – maybe all the DJs in there could use some coasters or something.

  9. You rat face bitch nigga…what u know about this coke. You wouldn’t survive a day in these 850 streets, slangn’dese rokz nigga. I make more in a hour, then u do in a week cuz. And TJ knows what time it is so of course I get into that shit for free. I’m Kaliko bitch, I get into everywhere for free…plus I snatch every hoe in the damn place. Don’t be saying no homeslice to me nigga you aint shit. All my songs are classic and get bumped in the streetz all day, everyday. What u know about me nigga. And i’m up early in the morning making money nigga, counting all my money on paypal from all my sales bitch. Wheres ur bread at nigga. Go suck a dick bitch

  10. “what u know about this coke”

    about the same as you – the only reason you’re up so early in the morning, is that you’re stocking the fucking vending machines…

    “All my songs are classic and get bumped in the streetz all day, everyday”

    …in your little Coke delivery van’s speakers, on your way to fill up the next machine…

    counting all my money on paypal from all my sales bitch

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. you’re too fucking gangsta for me…

    You’re nothing but a fucking cliche. Another cat spitting the same tired old lines about the same tired old topics, who thinks that their shit is some 5 Mic Classic material just because their little posse of yes-men tell them so. Another cat who doesn’t have the sense to use EVERY avenue available to get their worthless little 60 minute cd into the hands and ears of as many people as possible.

    Guess what though, Scarface… every time you visit this page to bitch a little bit more I GET PAID… ain’t that beautiful? Thanks for keeping my pocket change ticking over… keep coming back.

  11. 100.7 the beat was the wackest station I ever listened to in my life. Period. The only thing I regret was how they were unprofessional in the dismissal of their employees…yet in still..we are missing the real issue here people. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN 1) Mainstream Hip Hop as a whole stinks and 2)The result of corporate America pushing there power around.

    I was not suprised at all. Did you really think Clear Channel cared about us African Americans Shuking and Jiving? The BEAT always claimed they had the streets onlock…always fronting how they were involved with the community. What a joke. Posting up a cell phone store with free cd’s is far from helping the community. Posting up at the moon is far from giving back to the community. Listeners to 100.7 the beat (those who had a keen sense of perception) new that they were just wasting their mind. If you wanted to hear the same song get spun twice and hour and hear nothing that could actually help you, or help your plight as a citizen in this country..then maybe 100.7,102.3,90.5,x101.5 and the likes is the station for you. The corporate world pimps all of you avid listeners of these stations as 1)they keep your mind trapped on absolute garbage {except for a rare song that may inspire you} and 2) they suck in your dollars as you boost their ratings and put funds in their sponsors pockets. When I realized that I was getting bamboozled…I rebelled and started listening to National Public Radio. ATLEAST I COULD LEARN SOMETHING. And if you think I’m just some geek that can’t relate..ask A to the L (my cousin) who knows that I am very familiar with this industry and have had my share of dealings with it…I am a true hip hop lover (hip hop not this garbage they play) and furthermore..I’m a producer..I got my own studio!!!!

    Now lets not talk about how hard it is to really break in Tallahassee. Lets not act like local artist really get major props here. AND LETS NOT ACT LIKE 100.7 the beat really got behind local artists. Thrill’s show was a bit of spice for this area but I really didn’t see how it was having a major impact on local artists though he tried. NOT TO MENTION (BY THE WAY) THAT MOST OF THESE LOCAL ARTISTS LACK TALENT and there listeners lack the wit to recognize that talking about nothing and listening to someone talk about nothing is a whole bunch of energy put in which adds up to nothing!!!! Furthermore..they put those garbage lyrics in the corner of your mind.

    And So what ends up happening is you have these homegrown artists that want to be and act like superstars and get excited because a radio station is spinning there little cheesy song. They get all cocky and inherit a false double portion of 2pac and then all of a sudden you can’t tell them anything. They’re on top of the world and they don’t have a record deal. They clown the station for getting canned saying they play garbage but all the while they know they wish there song could be spinning in heavy rotation. They wanna be big..but forgot…they’re in small town Tallahassee and all that has happened here for hip hop were artist who emigrated and did bigger things (I.E. t-payne, Common, Dead Prez). What a joke!

    P.S- Whats even sadder is that the Dj’s really thought they were doing something. They really thought that they were appreciated…they really thought they were valued when in fact the Clear channel allowed the “Minstrel Show” to ride out several years and when they got tired of them..they canned them quicker than mandwich and showed loved to their fellow comrades(Europeans). Hopefully, this is a warning that we should evaluate what’s really going on. Wake up and realize what the heck is going on! Peace out!

  12. The station did just as much, if not more in the community than any of the other radio stations in Tally. If you were ever out, you’d be almost tired of seeing and hearing them at their live remotes somewhere as I was, so they were in the streets. With both 100.7 & 102.3 broadcasting, Tallahassee has seen more shows/concerts than it ever has in years. They both have contributed to that. I’ve heard of more unknown artists on The Beat than on any other station. Yes, they tried to help, but there’s only so much you can do under the Clear Channel guidelines. There’s only so much to do on and off air in a ‘Bible Belt’ city. The urban stations are already pushing it by just being on period. Maybe they were too ‘the same’ during the day, and too ‘street’ at night that’s why they weren’t “performing well financially” – Democrat 7/14/06

    If you weren’t a ‘listener’ of the station, you wouldn’t notice that they did play tracks from unsigned artists. If I can recall, MB’s track was playing often…which if you know who he is, you know he’s not commercial, and is here in the 850.

    Overall the situation was foul, no one would like to go to work to be told you don’t have a job anymore. For those who find humor in it, Karma. The ex-employees will be alright, as with life in general…they will move on. Stop talking bout stuff you only know little about.

  13. Look, I know everybody got their own opinions, and thats kool. I really don’t know any of you personally, but….Well first of all let me say that I worked with Thrill everyday and I am apart of the Ghetto Fabulous Live Crew. Like i was saying, Kaliko, bruh, come on, Thrill has helped you out in many ways dog, last time I checked Gangstas kept it NonFickshun! Everybody else…well as far as being involved in the community…you all are talking about how we wasnt involved in the community, it is evident that you were not at the many events we held. Maybe you were not loyal listeners, therefore, you didnt know about the community events that we were throwing! And ain’t talkin bout a live broadcast from an apt. complex advertising a pool party. I’m talking bout shit like: Visiting the schools to explore gang activity, Visiting the schools to explain the business of music, I’m talking bout donating clothes to unfortunate families, I’m talking bout advertising to raise money for a family whose house burned down and we were successul with that because our listeners responded,I’m talking bout Thrill visiting the schools upon request to visit the schools to motivate and speak on how important it is to do well on the FCAT, or hosting a toy drive for the kids who were unfortunate, Quote from the Tallahassee Democrat:John Govans Jr., recreation superintendent for the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, said “The Beat” was instrumental in participating in events at community centers.

    “We try to use radio stations as an intricate part to reach teenagers,” Govans said. The station was known for doing live remotes throughout the community. For example, Govans said, the station co-sponsored and attracted young people to a city job fair in March 2005.

    And not to menttion that we just held Summerfest I were we worked together with Mr.Govans, and where the teens had their own event earlier that day and participated in T-Pain’s video shoot for Dance Floor, that was put together by hmmm…Thrill da playa, and guess what he worked for 100.7 the beat (oh yeah, Kaliko, Thrill let you perform there, right)! and there were many more events, and its sad that I have to write this up to justify the things our station “claimed” to do. Oh yes, we were very involved in the community and helping independent artist…has any of you been to “Apollo Tuesday”? If you don’t know what im talking bout don’t write anything else about our involvement in helping any artist. I WAS THERE, along with Thrill, GCB, Gremlock, and Ebony….Ghetto Fabulous Live!!!
    P.S. Please excuse any grammatical or mispelled words!
    you can also hit me up on
    Thank you A to da L.

  14. has any of you been to “Apollo Tuesday”?

    No, because I knew the majority of the artist lacked talent and even if they could flow..there lyrics would be as good as the average mc out not (which means they wouldn’t be talking about anything). In hindsight, name me one artist who has just knocked Tallahasse of there feet…that everybody in the hip-hop community had crazy respect for….my point exactly. I’ve been here for 5 years and I’ve yet to see a local artist take this town by storm….gimme a break…

    And not to mention that we just held Summerfest In which we worked together with Mr.Govans where the teens had their own event earlier that day and participated in T-Pain’s video shoot for Dance Floor…..

    SHUKING AND JIVING IS NOT GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. I don’t know what summerfest consisted of….(but why do I get the feeling that it’s a bunch of shuking and jiving)..if I remembered the commercials right…I’m right..could be wrong..if so I stand corrected. For the record having a party or getting some teens involved in a T-payne Shoot is not what I call…beneficial to a Teens development. You tell me how they gain some type of character growth? What a joke!

    I’m Talking about Visiting the schools to explain the business of music,

    GIVE ME A BREAK. Making it big in the music game is like getting drafted by the NBA. Thats half the problem with this young generation. To many of the youth want to be a rapper…You see all the little jay-z’s and faboulous’s, trick daddies, Trina’s and all these wanna be rapstars in High school….I could think of plenty of other significant information you guy could have taught them in place of the music business…

    Overall, you guys need to just leave it where it is. Stop trying to defend what happened to that wack radio station. I admitted that it was unprofessional how they gave there employees a weekends notice..not cool…and I got much love for the employess but the bottom line is WELCOME TO THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. You mentioned all the “good deeds” the station did. DO YOU THINK THE EUROPEANS AT THE BOARD MEETING REALLY CARED! WE LIVE IN A CAPITALIST SOCIETY, and I CAN THINK OF SEVERAL THINGS that OUR WAYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT THAN 100.7 getting canned. SO LETS NOT HOLD THEM UP LIKE THEY WERE THIS DIVINE ESSENCE THAT TALLAHASSEE WILL SUFFER FOR WITHOUT. If fact let me prove how unimportant that station getting canned is…I’m done and am salty I even spent this much time on it…

  15. Hmm…shukin and jukin….hmmmm…….. sounds good visiting school to explain the business of music to da yuts but what happened to WORKING HARD and PAYIN DUES, GETTING A GOOD EDUCATION AND GOING TO WORK!!!!!! Problem wit folks now days they want instant fame and fortune and DON’T WANT TO WORK FOR IT!!!!

  16. Mannnnnnnn Thrill can’t help me no mo bitch so I don’t give ah fuck! All he could do for me was play the songs he liked from me so much…and he can’t even do that no more, so why do I care now.
    I’m about to leave Tallahassee and make it big over in ATL right now. So ya’ll could continue debating over that dead ass radio station, while I’m in Hotlanta getting money and pulling hoes.

    after ya’ll done bullshitting…check out this new joint I made hot. It was for some nigga named Young jones but it wasn’t raw til I jumped on it.

    “Act Like You Want Dat” feat. Kaliko

  17. Ching Ching.

    Man you just can’t help it. Every single time you come here to leave a message I’m fucking OWNING you, and you STILL can’t stop coming back for more.

    You’re nothing but a kid with a myspace page who thinks he’s some hot shit. Gimme 30 seconds on myspace and I’ll find you another 10 look-a-likes who all swear they’re the next big thing, and who’re all going to get the same rude awakening as you are.

    Face facts, fuckhead.

    1)Your music is average at best.
    2)Your attitude fucking stinks.
    3)You’re dissing established artists, producers and deejays just to try to get an extra little jolt of interest in your own worthless music.

    You’re Keyshia Cole.

  18. 1) fuck you, you sound like a crackah at best!
    2) BITCH!
    3) you can’t get no pussy…you just are one, bitch

    now I own you like a ashy slave house nigga…just like I own these other etablished artists, producers and deejays in florida.

    i don’t sound like nothing else, anywhere…so good luck with that bruh, u pussy nigga…come meet me in the trap you bitch and see how that goes down.

    -da stack man

  19. “1) fuck you, you sound like a crackah at best!
    2) BITCH!
    3) you can’t get no pussy…you just are one, bitch”

    Such literacy! Its no wonder all the girls go for you. Did you win many prizes for your debating skills at school before you dropped out?

    “now I own you like a ashy slave house nigga…”

    Make your fucking mind up – in one paragraph I’m a ‘crackah’, in the next I’m a ‘nigga’. Just pick one racial slur and stick to it, shitbag – you’ll avoid getting confused and making yourself look even more of a prick (if that was even possible.)

    “just like I own these other etablished artists, producers and deejays in florida.”

    Yes, you’re the Jeezy of the FLA. (Without the money or the sales numbers obviously.)

    “i don’t sound like nothing else”

    Except that ‘I’m Fresh’ sounds like ‘FreshAzIMiz’ by Bow Wow.

    meet me in the trap you bitch and see how that goes down.

    And now you’re ripping off Yung Joc. Are there any other artists that you do shitty impressions of?

  20. fuck you bitch…and fuck you 2 Kini, this shit aint nuttin to laugh about bitch ass. anyways, I just heard my shit played on Blazin’ 102.3 10 minutes ago bitch…what u know about dat, i know all about dat. which proves no matter what i do, they still jock my dick. that must be why dey call ya’ll dick-jockeys. they could read all this shit and still play my shit. bitch. check my myspace and see how many damn plays this nigga here got today only bitch, read the comments and what how my fans flock to a nigga…go post a comment and show your love for me bitch. call me Mr. toilet nigga, cause im the shit!

  21. “Djs can’t reject it, when the paint reflected, they was like he musta came from texas…”

    Nigga thats genious shit right dere…check it on “Im Fresh” and get your money right

  22. ah… I see you do TI impressions too…

    So you’re happy your little track got played on 102.3? I thought you weren’t doing that commercial shit no more? Nice to see you stick to your principles – just one more reason to laugh at your kindergarden ass.

    And you still aren’t getting the idea, chump. Why the hell would I want to waste my time going to your myspace page, and listening to your little play tracks, when you’re already coming to MY SITE and showing me how much of a herb you are, AND making ME loot while you’re doing it?

    Don’t you have a trap to hold down anyway instead of sitting in front of the computer and listening to ‘commercial radio’ on a Saturday night?

    And you can’t even SPELL genius, genius. Get your dictionary right, kid.

  23. Hahahahaha…I guess you’re a comedian too now. A kid with many talents huh?

    Congrats, I’m glad you heard your track played on 102.3, I didn’t…I guess this Bitch (notice the capitalization) don’t know about dat. That don’t prove shit, I really don’t think they’re ‘jocking your dick’ no matter what you do. The Djs are straight up there, I really don’t think they’re on you like that, they have better things to do.

    I don’t have to check your MySpace, I don’t care how many ‘plays’ you get on MySpace. Do you just sit on it and wait for the next ‘hit’ on your free site? I know you like to mimic people but there’s only one Tila Tequila

    Grow up lil one.

  24. Of course its him, Dap. But now that YOU’RE here, can you please confirm that you and the rest of the (in Kaliko’s opinion, “wack commercial”) cats at 102.3 are “beggin” for his track “to spin it in full rotation right now”?

  25. “No, because I knew the majority of the artist lacked talent and even if they could flow..there lyrics would be as good as the average mc out not (which means they wouldn’t be talking about anything).”

    Thats the problem with Tallahassee now, only a few people want to show love for artists that are grinding doing their thang. Everybody wants every local artist to sound like the present Jay-Z or the present OutKast, or the present T.I. Every artist grows with time and gets better as he progresses within in his career. Dog, Jay-Z didnt own the nets when he first was introduced to the world, he had to start out performing at some club, or for someone. Have you ever seen any of PAC’s early performances? People was just standing around lookin at him, not everyone is a legend from the beginning, Bruh!

    “SHUKING AND JIVING IS NOT GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. I don’t know what summerfest consisted of….”

    Okay, you didnt know what it consisted of…..THEN Y COMMENT!

    “GIVE ME A BREAK. Making it big in the music game is like getting drafted by the NBA. Thats half the problem with this young generation. To many of the youth want to be a rapper…You see all the little jay-z’s and faboulous’s, trick daddies, Trina’s and all these wanna be rapstars in High school….I could think of plenty of other significant information you guy could have taught them in place of the music business…”

    There is more to the business side of the music industry than being a rapper dogg…….


    Maybe not….but see, it is a good feeling to know you have truly helped someone out in their life, someone who looks like me…to have them crying in front of you with tears of joy because they didnt know how they were going to get out of this situation, thats what makes me smile, damn the europeans at the meeting!


  26. I was a loyal listener to 100.7 the beat and given the choice between 102.3 and 100.7 in the afternoon, 100.7 gets the nod 9 times out of 10. Some of the dopest tracks I’ve ever heard on the radio were on 100.7. 102.3 was on that commercial shit 24/7, year round, plus on 2/29 every other year in history divisible by 4. I mean, we talking radio. Unless that dial is on some XM shit, it’s going to be commercial regardless. But at least 100.7 switched it up every NOW & THEN. With Blazin, 102.3, at the helm, Tallahassee hip-hop scene might become as whack as other cities in North Florida and South Georgia (I’m not going to call out names, but my home city, one that you run into if you take I-10 all the way west til it ends, is suspect #1). Monopoly is always bad, and Tallahassee will feel it no doubt. What made this small city stand tall among others in Florida was its great variety and blending of sounds (due in part that most black folk in tallahassee are not orginally from tallahassee, and bring their taste with them). The dance sound (& moves) of Tampa, Miami’s reggaeton, reggae, dance, street, and taste for the old school sound, and Duval’s street sound contributed to it really being the hip-hop capital of florida where all sounds we represented. If you heard it in Florida, it’s probably playing somewhere in Tallahassee. Now there’s one less medium to get that sound to the people, and that’s going to be felt in the hip-hop community, in more ways than one.

  27. I’m back bitches, I just got off the phone with some of my niggas…and it turns out some nigga was trying to snitch on me. A to the L, your a bitch ass nigga. But anyway…that wont ditter my hustle cuh.

    Bring Dap in this bitch??? Okkkk…I see what it do nigga. If i ever find you talking shit again, I’ll lite yo ass up chump.

    Anyway…I’m moving to ATL this weekend, but I’m find out where u stay before I’m out bitch!

  28. lol… I didn’t bring Dap in here… I don’t even know Dap…

    ‘Snitch’? This ain’t some gangsta-doing-dirt who’s got turned into the police, you fool… this is some kid shooting off his mouth and not realising that there are a lot more people checking for this site that he realises, and most of them who read your rantings are emailing the link to their people on the ‘look what this idiot said’ tip…

    The fact that once Dap posted here you shut up speaks volumes, son…

    Have fun in ATL – think of all the DJs up there that you haven’t offended yet… I’m sure they can’t wait to have you…

    Oh and as for finding out where I stay – my address is on this site… just remember that every page you click on as you’re trying to find it makes me money, honey… if you haven’t ‘lit my ass u’ (no Juelz Santana) up by the weekend, then be sure to send me a postcard…

  29. Are you serious? Sweetie slow down. There are thousands that visit this site. You should really know how the net works. Coming from the ‘Bitch that don’t know bout that’ by posting ignorant shit like threats, making money from coke, etc. does nothing but ‘flag’ yourself permanently in the system to them ‘crackas’ as you put it. I don’t even feel the need to be looking out for you especially the way you’ve presented yourself on here, but you are doing nothing but hurting yourself and potentially causing problems for yourself in the future. I’m not like some who find humor in others when they go down, but do better for yourself, the ‘streetz’, and the 850 in the ATL. Maybe your impression on them will be better there, than it has here.

  30. “I’m not like some who find humor in others when they go down”

    That’s a shame, because you’re missing a major opportunity to laugh and point right here… I know on the strength of this shit, that many will be watching Kaliko’s career progress with increased interest…

    Brick parachutes come to mind…

  31. Yo what they do this ya boy Kaliko I notice somebody been posting shit under my name a large amount of time I came here to get the record straight that I got mad love for the 850 this is were i was born and raised and I also got love for 100.7 the beat and all the dj’s from the station they always showed me love and they still do so niggaz get ya mind right this ya boy K-A-L-I-K-O representing the 850 fa sho Trouble Town stand up

  32. Who ever this I need to be on MTV I wanna be made fake Kaliko need to stop making all these stupid ass comments. I don’t understand this fake KALIKO INTERNET GANGSTA WANNA BE, why would you take the time to make all these bull shit comments. Number one my homey Kaliko would not have the time to sit up and make hate comments and bull shit claims. Every since I been working with Kaliko, he has always been greatful and humble for the love shown by DJs and other artist in the 850 and every opportunity shout out his city during performances and radio interviews in other cities. So don’t listen to this I only breath cause Im faceless ass punk on the web, only read comments by the Da Real Kaliko and on from Kaliko himself, don’t hate the movement support it

  33. I’m sorry if you all got the wrong impression by whoever this fake Kaliko is, but there is only one. I know I’ve gained enough status to have haters now, but this is ridiculous. A to the L, although that wasn’t me, I still don’t see how you gonna hate on my music like that. But its all good. Just make sure you get the next CD. Thanks everyone.

  34. Listen, even if somehow, someway, that was an imposter talking all the foul shit earlier in the comments section, making posts from the same locations using different names within 3 minutes of each other is pretty silly…

    IP addresses are a bitch…

    Author : Da Real Kaliko (IP: ,
    URI :
    PS: This shit almost got my ass whooped!

    Author : Stating the Facts (IP: ,
    URI :
    yeah that shit wasn’t cool at all my nigga

  35. I think it’s so damn funny for someone to say how “gangsta” they are in one sentence and then in the next be talking about how many hits they got on myspace and how much money they’re counting on paypal.

    Anyways I enjoyed 100.7 the Beat. I was always listening to it and I’m really disappointed that it’s gone. I loved that we had two good hip hop stations in tallahasse. 100.7 wiil be missed by me.

    Also this was some funny shit to read. Especially Kaliko trying to cover his ass. HA HA!!

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