WTFIGO? Part 1571275627


I’ve had these pics in my phone for a minute. Not because I’m some kind of bare-legged-mature-male-fetishest, but because I took them in a checkout line at Walmart around the time of Camron’s ‘Joe Camel’ diss on Jay-Z, and I had some ‘hilarious’ post planned tying the diss in with the fact that my man was sporting some fetching sandals with socks.

However on further investigation of homeboy’s legs (nh), I discovered that he had more varicose veins that 50 pregnant women. Then I clocked his boat, and discovered that he was about 372 years old, had a long white Noah beard, no teeth and was buying about 30 bags of carrots and nothing else.

Obviously his carrot-enabled 20/20 vision didn’t allow him to see in a mirror each morning that he looked like a Japanese POW, nor that his legs resembled a living Spiderman costume (Venom symbiote shoutout notwithstanding), nor that 2 of every species were lined up outside his house each day looking nervously at the sky.

Anyway… with the Camron / Jay-Z thing played out, I guess these pictures are too, but since I couldn’t be arsed reviewing the Pharrell album today and I’m about to take a shower, I figured I’d toss em up anyway.


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