WTFIGO with this pansy?

Remember that vid that surfaced a couple of months ago? The one of poor old Cassie’s career falling down the toilet as she ‘performed’ live on BET and 106 & Park? Well at least that bitch was easy on the eye… this homeowner has no redeeming qualities – and the fact that Big Head introduces him only serves to confirm that he’s a member of the Hiphop Homeowners Society. (I see you too, Common)

Oh, and on a similar Sounds of Wackness theme – how the fuck are all these muhfuckas in NY dancing their little Harlem asses off to ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ when these same hypocrites were smashing on ‘Laffy Taffy’? Inquiring minds want to know…

(And yes, I realise that September on here consisted of little but Youtube clips every weekend – it was a slow-ass month on here… I’m working to rectify this, but real-life is kicking Altrap’s ass right now. Work with me.)

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  1. this shit is like worse than morris day and that long haird fagit the the one and only prince (the kid) nonphixtion 4 life

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