2000 of your American dollars*…

…if you can provide me with a full (meaning – not having the intro cut off) high-quality mp3 of this song – like the B.Fats joint, this is another one I’ve been desperately looking for since 1989.

*of course we’re talking fake not-real plastic dollars, not the real stuff… but its the thought that counts right?

4 Replies to “2000 of your American dollars*…”

  1. nice try… I did find this version on soulseek years ago, but it had the intro cut off which pissed me off… I want the full 192K version with all the bells and whistles (picky bugger, me)

    I’ve been working on the rest of the 100 – don’t fret, pet… my review pile meanwhile, continues to grow towards the ceiling…

  2. I was actually there when they filmed this video years ago. Dougie fresh is Hip Hop as this track is classic. I can see a lot of people have used his formula in this age for their music and video. Anyway, peace!

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