I’m a hustla, I’ma I’ma hustla homie…

We keeps it real in Tally-ho…

Posted on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat’s website tonight under ‘BREAKING NEWS’…


Also posted on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat’s website tonight under ‘BREAKING NEWS’…


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  1. Wow. This is the only place I’ve lived in my life where the police gang up on NEARLY EVERY black/brown person they pull over by providing 2-4 police cars for someone running a red light or having fractured the law.
    If the police force here thinks they need more cops then the police force here is pampered too much and has a desire to control the public instead of protecting it.
    Crime happens in every city. The issue is, our law officers are becoming less in touch with their communities and thus carry a greater fear of the citizens because they have no active involvement in what goes on here.

    I was pulled over on FSU campus for not having my headlights on during a time that was so questionable I took a photo with my digital camera so I could take it to court. I wasn’t issued a ticket.

    I was also pulled over in front of my house when I wasn’t even driving. Nor was the DRIVER. We were talking in a parked car in front of my home and detained for ten minutes while he check out my and the drivers info.

    Having more police will only cause more officers to feel privileged about abusing their self-proclaimed power.

    Not to take away from those who do the right thing…just ask yourself.
    When was the last time a law officer did something to help you?
    Of those times, how many more times can you contrast that with something they did with an opposite affect?

    They are not here to be everyones buddies, however they are here to provide safety and support…arent they???

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