But despite (or due to?) the giddiness surrounding the man right now, Chucky D (he swear he’s nice) pens a nice little dose of realism for Young H.O. as he enters his presidency, and what it means to the Hiphop world…

(as seen over at fatlace)

Blazin 102.3 Audio 01/04/09


Not pretty.

My mixer took a shit on me, refusing to output sound from one channel. Of course this didn’t happen until everything was set up… so I had to break the shit back down and reset back up with E-Zone’s mixer. That’s this week’s lame excuse for the shitty mix and the shortness.

Hipster alarm! Hipster alarm!

Tight jeans? Check.
Size L shirt? Check.
Appalling sneaker game? Check.
Caucasion persuasion? Check.
Dirty vagrant-like beard? Check.
‘Humorous’ intentional mis-spelling of simple words? Check.
Trying too hard to be cool by worshipping a track from a rarely-listened-to 90’s Hiphop album? Check.
Complete absence of rhythm? Check.
White belt? Too grainy to establish, but highly likely.