WTFIGO? Part 2843987678854

Good spot, Serge.

Sweet mother of Jesus, what the fuck is this Miami Vice reject doing? I’m surprised he didn’t turn his hat to the side and start ‘busting a beatbox’ in true Guttenburg/Selleck/Danson/’Three Men & A Little Lady’ style. I’m sure his descent into heroin and gay porn was a quick one – probably about 5 minutes after he turned off the camera right here.

WTFIGO? Part 43905690445

Middle of the night posting while eating cheese = 2635th element of Hiphop. These cunts need a good shoeing. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? (Not only with these idiots, but with Comcast cable down heah in Tallahassee? 3-25am and the TV goes out in the middle of the Family Guy rerun and my net connection is up and down like a whore’s knickers. I don’t pay good money to these people to not get onto the internets in the middle of the night.)

WTFIGO? Part 8584645 : DPGC Idol

Received this a few days ago, thought I’d throw it up (and then maybe just throw up)…


The DPGC Idols are bringing you the exclusive on their hot new reality contest DPGC Idol airing this February on West Coast legend Daz and Big A know exactly what it takes to not only become famous in the grind of hip-hop, but how to gain as much respect as possible. In order to become a new member of the all new DPGC, you’d better know how to hustle.

“I got tic-tacs in my mouth…

…with a big dick”


The world-famous Holy Moly mailout this week contains the following gem…

“I was out drinking with some friends this week. During conversation, one of them happened to mention that a friend of his wife had recently spent some time in the company of Method Man’s current boyfriend. Further questioning revealed that both the champion college lacrosse player and Wu-Tang Clansman and his occasional partner-in-crime Redman prefer their bread buttered on both sides.”