ARTICLE: The first column

The first column (By Redeem)

Welcome, welcome, take a seat and let another man’s thoughts infiltrate the defences of your mind. This is the very first column of ‘Spoken Words’ ever witnessed by anyone on this Willenium-bound earth. Let me break it down of what it will consist, it is a weekly or two weekly, look into what is travelling through my dome at that time. Mainly, it will concentrate on the life and times of alt.rap and also hip hop as a culture and a musical form. One week you could discover some news concerning your favourite artists, some surprising new info on some underground groups, or I might just relive an old album through these words.

For example, I only just picked up M.O.P’s ‘Firing Squad’ in the January sales in London’s record stores. I remember this getting an amazing review in a UK magazine which prompted me to pick it up, but due to lack of funds I never did. Quick comments on it, the perfect mix of the familiar New York sound. Hard beats from who else? DJ Premier, direct lyrics, borough chorus’ and the right blend of bravado, warnings and grievings. It seems like one continous anthem for New York hip hop, or is that an anthem for New York itself? For alot of people it is.

I could and probably will sometime get deeper into my explanations, but as this is just the debut column, I’ll save it for the future. Unlike the sales, there aint no rush. My topics will change more times then the weight of Monica Lewinsky. You might peep this page and find a full, no-holds barred review, some thoughts and info on the state or people in alt.rap, thoughts regarding the use or misuse of ‘online MCs’ or just some British Ramblings about shit going on over here on these damp shores. I have opinions to share on the state of UK hiphop, commercial American hiphop, triphop, lyrics, underground, controversial matter, current news, films, albums, old and new. So, hopefully there will be something to interest all, except you Shania Twain fans. Don’t come here lookin’ for sympathy as your favourite Country singer just quit for a year or two, ’cause personally, with the news of Sea Lion Dyin'(Celion Dion) and Fry Her Brain(Shania Twain) taking a much praised break for up to two years, my New Year Celebrations have just become even more pleasurable. Speaking which, Happy New Year!

Like a Grand Piano, stay tuned.
The next edition will officially be the first with direct action commencing.


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