ARTICLE: The Q-Tip Thing

The Q-Tip thing (By Redeem)

As a longtime fan, like so many others, his new desired direction was a surprise. Even more of a surprise that he had completed his debut solo album so soon after the Tribe years came to a halt. His first release, ‘Vivrant Thing’, first heard on the Violator Compilation, was designed to get you moving. Made for the club crowd and it works perfectly. Tip always had this in him, the funk for you to vibe to, whilst still treating the songs like good hiphop and nothing less. Tracks like ‘Award Tour’, ‘Hot Sex’, We Can Get Down’, ‘Electric Relaxation’, ‘Show Business’, etc, he displayed the intelligence to get your ass moving whilst dropping dope lines for you to feed on, the perfect munchie for the starved hiphop mouth.

”This is 93′ and the shit is real / black people unite and put down your steel / ladies make a forum on your sexual drive / devote it to your lover and make it thrive”

Is his new material any different? Not judging the LP, but the choice of singles he released, he has definately sacrificed a part of his old self. He’s still got the nice lines mixed amongst the funky flow but it’s a definate different subject matter.

”A hard time if your motion is still”

Should we give the man some love back and buy his LP? Repay his years of hard work? Yeah, most do not agree or do not feel his new flavour, but didn’t he provide us with plenty of good material throughout the past and as its pretty common knowledge, he didn’t exactly assess a comfortable bank account from all those years. I wonder how many people reading this have actually bought this album?

Every word I’ve heard outside of here on the LP, is good. I think it comes down to alot of radio DJ’s like to have something to get the people moving (yes, those at home). At first I was taken back by the whole ‘Butts R us video shit’ and the ‘images’ on display, but when I’m in a club or a house party nowadays, I’m gettin’ ready for ‘Vivrant Thing’ or ‘Breath and Stop’. First few listens I was disappointed in the direction, as the things that grab me are good lyrics and fresh originality. But I now like these two tracks alot, and also the next release, ‘Amplified’. The format of rap music is too popular, years ago it was people screaming on the mic that attracted all types to a rebel music, now it’s beats and rhymes and the life. Chart people love Will Smith, they love the format and whole style of it, as it comes without the social commentary, rebel nature and controversial subjects, and this just adds to the appeal. It is approachable, easy listening hiphop music. And maybe Q-Tip sees this as his future.

”Hope you skippin’ every line, cause I’m gettin’ mine”

He’s all over the playlist of MTV now, and I haven’t seen him promote the two singles on these commercial stations. It seems he’s got enough intelligence to market himself in the right way, he’s been in the game for long enough. And if you haven’t learnt how to manipulate it then you must have been high the whole time. He knows what he’s doing. He’s having fun, and this time, he’s getting paid. Tip has always displayed a gentle side and a party side to his style. I wonder if he forceably didn’t go ‘all out’ during the Tribe years, ’cause he knew Phife would not bring much thought to the table.

”How far must you go to gain respect? Ummm…. Well it’s kinda simple just remain your own, or your be crazy sad and alone”

In an interview he was talking about his video(s). He said ” I love women, I like women alot ” Why does that comment sound like some insecure shit, and with all that crap about the gay rapper, just stirs more thoughts. I know the ‘text’ version will not come across well, but it was just the way he said it. He sounded like a little kid talking about how much he likes sex to his mates, when he’s still a virgin. It was a strange comment from him, that made you wonder if he is insecure or totally at ease with what he’s doing now. I will always have time for him, he was dope back then and he still is, it’s just a shame he’s sacrificed a part of him, or his old self to make a living. Or maybe it’s a shame that he couldn’t make a good living from Tribe’s old albums that so many people play daily around the world…

“What ya say Hammer? Rap is not pop if you call it that then stop” Q-Tip

”a man of the fame, not a man of the people, believe that if you wanna but I’ll tell you this much, riding on the train with no dough, sucks” – Phife –

Until next rhyme.

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  1. Shame Q-Tip was not accepted as himself a master of minds.
    Intelligent black man falls foul in a negitive game.
    I like his stylez with chemical bros drop da bomb take it back to bonita.

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