ARTICLE: The first column

The first column (By Truplaya611)

Wassup alt.rap readers? Let me introduce myself. This is Truplaya611, and this is the first edition of my column for First, the 411 on myself. I €™m holding it down in the “Old Line State” representing Baltimore to the fullest. I bet your wondering “What €™s up with that screen name?, You got madd shorties or something?” The truth is I don €™t, and if you break my screen name down, this is what you get: Tru to myself and others, a Playa in the game of life, born on 611. Put it all together you get Truplaya611. Just a lil €™ something that describes myself. Other than hip hop, I listen to some R&B, and a local form of music called Baltimore “Club Music”. I will discuss that in later editions. I also listen to some D.C. Go-Go (to a point, only when it €™s not annoying). I €™m a senior in high school, getting ready to walk across the stage in about 2 months. I plan on going to college majoring in Computer Science.

I €™ve been in the newsgroup alt.rap since late 1999, even though I €™m not an MC, I enjoy putting in my input. For those that haven €™t peeped the newsgroup, check it out. Propz to Suspect for maintaining this site for the newsgroup family. Speaking of the newsgroup, a lot of new heads are starting to show up. This is good, no disrespect to that, but any old alt.rap heads out there who are lurkin €™, make your way back, and drop something for us.

In the past several weeks I €™ve noticed music from other genres has crossed over to urban contemporary stations, and urban music on top 40 stations has been edited way beyond content. How do you feel about this? In the next article, I will have the opinion of others, as well as my own on these issues.

Until next time, Peace & 1 Luv.


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