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Crossovers (By Truplaya611)

As I flip through different urban stations in, and outside my area, I noticed they all had something in common. I noticed that at one point a song from another genre had crossed over to the urban contemporary stations. The two main forms that I heard the most were gospel, and pop. Yeah I know in the past, Kirk Franklin €™s “Stomp” was a big hit on the urban, and gospel stations. It had a up tempo beat that caught younger people €™s attention (including mine). Now such artists like Pink, 3LW, (who both have a crossover style) are being played on different station formats. Even Donnie McClurkin is getting some air time with his gospel hit “We Fall Down”. In my opinion I think this is good because its being opened up to a much broader audience. And with the new Mya, Pink, Christina, Lil €™ Kim song “Lady Marmalade”, that €™s opening the door even wider. But I think it shouldn €™t be over done. If the station format is mostly “urban contemporary”, then lets keep it that way. But as I said before, there is no harm in mixin €™ in some other flava.

What I do have a problem with is when urban music on top 40 music stations has been edited way beyond content. Perfect example, I was listening to one of those “Hit Music Stations” one night, and JaRule “Put it On Me” came on. I was like “Aight cool, finally playing a rap song.” The only rap songs I ever hear on this station is DMX “Party Up”, Jay-Z “Can I get A”, Juvenile “Back that THANG up”, Eminem “Stan”, “Real Slim Shady”… etc. Well about half way through “Put it On Me”, I had noticed the female rap had been edited out, making the song to be a little more than 2 minutes long. For what reason, I don €™t know, but I think that €™s messed up. Yet and still Eminem €™s radio edit songs didn €™t get cut apart, but such songs like “Party Up”, “Thong Song”, and “Put it On Me” did? What €™s up with this? Do those officials think that urban music on their station is degrading, so they have to make it more suitable? I don €™t know the real reason, but if they feel that way, then %#$& them! Aight I €™ve said all I needed to say. Here is what 2 heads in alt.rap had to say about these issues.

Question: How do you feel about music from other genres crossing over to urban contemporary stations, and urban music on top 40 stations being edited way beyond content?

Raheem924 wrote “Huh?”

Suspect wrote “I have a problem with edited music, not with the edited part but what it does. See I €™m about to go off on any parent that lets their child buy an edited version because they think it probably has acceptable content because it gets played on the radio. Look I seen kids singin €™ “It Wasn €™t Me”. That joint is not for kids. Don €™t give me “they don €™t know what they saying, let them do that”. I don €™t want a five year old saying “I even had her on the bathroom floor”. The way music is getting edited, the content tends to get overlooked. I don €™t blame the music industry, I blame ourselves for not putting ourselves in check…”

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