ARTICLE: Baltimore Club vs DC Go-Go

Baltimore Club vs DC Go-Go (By Truplaya611)

It €™s like the battle of the beltway, Club Music, and Go-Go Music. I really don €™t have a problem with either one, but I will say I €™m more of a “Club Music” type. Baltimore Club Music is mainly played in clubs, and on the radio to the crowd/listeners pumped up. It €™s like our own form of underground music. It €™s a blend of mixes/lyrics/raps, with fast beats that have a touch of bass in them. Some of the mixes are based on songs from different artists such as Michael Jackson €™s “Rock with You”, to Tupac €™s “Hail Mary”. The other types are strictly homemade like “Do Dat Dance”, “Stompin”, “Knucklehead” (which names some streets and areas in Bmore) “Handclap”, “Da Bomb”, “Pull your Guns Out”, “The Percolator”, “Switch”, and Walk for Me”, just to name a few of the hits from 95-96. There was even a mix made that went “White girl in the house, Oh my God!, White dude in the house, Oh my God”, that went on to call out suburban “white” areas outside of Bmore. I thought it was funny, but I guess other people didn €™t because it was pulled off the radio.

Recently, the hits in the clubs, and on the radio have been “Feel Me”, “Theo €™s Thong”, “Bounce wit Me”, “Stepped Up in the Room”, “Let €™s Get High”, “Girl Don €™t you Worry”, “Nutty Track”, “Boss of Me” “I €™m A Freak”, “Bobbie €™s Thong”, and “Bankroll”. “Tha Shake” has also been popular, which is suppose to be a dance move. (I don €™t know, I haven €™t seen anyone do it yet). Club music has been coming a long way, and is putting Baltimore on the map throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. If you are in the Baltimore area, Club Music can be heard nightly on 92Q Jams-92.3 FM (

DC Go-Go Music is a blend of live band music, vocals with some jazz and congo feeling. I don €™t know too much about it, but I do know a popular band in DC is “Rare Essence”. “5 in the Morning” is my favorite Go-Go song. When I first heard Go-Go, I couldn €™t stand it. I was like “how can people get down to this?” I still feel the same about it today, but there are a few good songs. I can say if you like the feel of urban groove, you €™ll like Go-Go Music. If you want to check out some Go-Go while in the DC area, turn your dial to 93.9 FM-WKYS, or 95.5 FM-WPGC ( nightly.

I guess the two music forms of the two cities will forever be “battling” each other so to speak.

Until next time, Peace & 1 Luv.


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  1. our gogo shyt b crankin i dont give a damn what nobody say…we tear shyt up and rock lyk it’z nuffin yo

  2. yall this ya girl tiffany a.k.a tiny and i have to say that both go-go and baltimore club got it. I mean im from jurz city and i know alot of people who is from D.C and i like both they both got hype and they both go hard

  3. Washington DC GO-GO music has to be experienced LIVE, if you are just listening to some tracks you are never going to pick up on why it is so popular in DC, that is why it has trouble spreading, how are you gonna get people across the country to come to DC and go to a Go-Go?

    Also, WPGC and WKYS are not the place to find out about Go-Go, and would be useless to those outside the area, anyway- the place to go is which is a 24-hr streaming internet Go-Go station.

    There are lists of resources available on if you want to check it out.

  4. i just moved to california from Maryland and Baltimore Club Music is tha hottest music out there next to tha durrttii south beats, its wayyy betta then GO GO (thats just my opinion.)

  5. go- go music is hot. some people like and some people dont, but for those who grow up off it love it and those who didnt and not from dc dont care for or maybe cant stand it… i met some people from out of town that love the music and love for me to take them to the go-go, so to each its own.

  6. Baltimore club is hot. The fact that Philly and Jersey are making their own variations of it is really saying something. Baltimore has to keep it going with the creativity cause it’s hard to find what works. Go-go seems to have stayed in it’s place without too much deviation. While it’s live and organic, it’s too much like SLOW AS HELL for those of us used to 130 bpm.

    But being a Baltimore native who’s been shakin off and rockin off since ’91, club is where my heart’s at.

  7. Bmore club sucks and Bmore people sucks as well.

    Bmore bamas, y’all will always be DC’s b…

  8. Yeah Ok @^^. You gotta be on that good crack to believe that. Club gets y our ass moving. 130 bpm pumping beats and really HOT loops make hot.

    You can’t shake off to Go-Go. Too much like trying to do a workout that you’ve already peaked.

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