ARTICLE: When did it become Armageddon?

When did it become Armageddon? (By DAP)

And DAP Says…
“When The Hell Did It Become Armageddon And Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me I Needed A Late Pass??”

“Turning And turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; The center cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”
-W.B. Yeats: “The Second Coming”

ARTICLE: The death of Aaliyah

The death of Aaliyah (By Truplaya611)

(Originally written as a narrative essay).

R&B music will never be the same. As I was walking around the campus of UMES, listening to the radio on my walkman, on August 26th, I heard some tragic news. Ocean City’s 103.9 OC 104 reported that singer Aaliyah had died in a plane crash while in the Bahamas. My initial reaction was total shock. I was thinking, “Could it be, my baby Aaliyah dead?” I couldn’t believe it, dead at only 22 years old.

INTERVIEW: Champions Of Nature

Champions Of Nature Interview (by A to the L)

Champions Of Nature

Hip-hop masters Champions of Nature release Salsa Smurf through Wordplay on September 10. The track promises to smash the hip-hop charts this autumn and is already being tipped to be one of the anthems of the year. It is the second single to be taken from the critically acclaimed hip-hop compilation “Wordlab 2”, which was released in August. I recently had a chance to talk to crew member L-Dolo about life as a Champions of Nature member – here’s what he had to say…