Lost… (By Redeem)

So the world has entered the Chaos Theory then. Yes, I’m talking about the recent incredible tragedy and not NSync supporting Slim Shady on tour.

People of our generation are not used to these kinds of scenes. Yeah, we’ve seen a lot, more then neccessary, but these are movie war scenes, something of this scale is just utterly mindblowing. I honestly thought I was becomming desensitised to ‘shocking scenes’ beamed live into our living rooms via the usual CNN route. After the Columbine massacre, I was left with the feeling of, ‘ well, not much more is gonna be able to shock me now ‘. But the sheer audicity of such a large scale attack and the strategy used, was and still is, unbelievable.

As usual, all the nutters are now coming out to sunbathe in thier usual rays of theories and predictions. I’ve heard enough of these for a lifetime, the reincarnation and my next birth.

Terrorists will always find a way, but as a regular traveller on various airlines, the ease at beating the security is more then worrying. That’s gotta change, and hopefully already has and NOT just during these next few months.

Life WILL have it’s global tragedies that will touch us all, whether it’s a stunning terrorist attack, a school slaughter or a Royal princess’ death, it’s all the same thing, a Loss of Life. Unfairly taken. You can’t get used to it, or desensitised, which I’m thankful for. I dont wanna get accustomed to these kinda events. The outcome of this is unknown, it has already involved us all, whomever or wherever we are. This is evident from the lack of laughter on the high street, the non-important celebrity gossip in the lunchroom, the constant need for an update on whether they’ve hopefully rescued at least one innocent victim.

Time has changed, before we look for revenge toward a certain target, I hope you will all pay your respects, however you feel it’s best. I haven’t been to a church since my school days, but that will change this weekend…

Until next rhyme.

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