ARTICLE: Here to save you all (again)

Here to save you all (again) (By Redeem)

“I Told You So”. Somebody should have told Chino XL about the dirty dealings that go on behind closed record label doors. So the wait is finally over, Chino’s sophomore release will be unleashed on the sleeping world. Yes, I said ‘sophomore’, politricks has held the Poisonous MC back for too long. He’s been trapped in limbo longer then many artists careers. It’s pretty ironic that the ‘Punchline’ MC, who makes alot of lines from headlines and rumours has had to wait so long and when his album is FINALLY ready to roll, within a space of two months, there’s been enough happened to celebs’ and the regular world that could have fuelled enough ammunition to pen a brand new album.

Although, as I’ve always defended, Chino isn’t just a punchline MC. He’s an ill lyricist, on “Here To Save You All”, his personal storytelling, messages and wordplay were incredible. It’s just he’s so damned NASTY with the punches, that these become the selling point. He has plenty of critics, but come one, who doesn’t? I’ve no idea what the outcome will be once “I Told You So” is released. It could have a lukewarm reaction, as many fans have long since downloaded the songs, fed up of waiting. Myself included. Or it could be the reverse, now thanks to Eminem, Chino’s full-on attack style might get more exposure. Even if that were to happen, he wont come a million miles to moving the same amount of units. Slim Shady is a live saturday morning cartoon, Chino XL is a violent banned Manga film. If you haven’t yet, go buy “Here To Save You All”, cause the lyricism deserves to be heard by a wider audience. And remember who told you so.

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