ARTICLE: VH-1 Behind the music

VH-1 Behind the music (by Nycestylez)

**following a post on the newsgroup about Vanilla Ice’s birthday, (of all things), Miss Nycestylez came up with the following concept**

Eh, I hear he’s trying to be rock n roll now. He was on the air talkin’ about how all that stuff that he did back then was just him being a puppet for the record label.

At least he’s honest.

Think we’ll get some kind of confessional like this outta some of our current stars. I can see it now.

Britney Spears at 27
“All I wanted to do was fuckin’ hip-hop shit, but the damn LABEL was all like ‘No, Britney, you can’t do your rap album yet. You have your duty to inspire millions of little girls out there, and to give millions of little boys out there their first boner.’ But you see, man, they didn’t care about me or the music, they just cared about their damn money! :::sob:::”

Justin Timberlake at 35
“Yeah… me n’ Britney would talk about what we really wanted to do when we were all drunk an’ coked up. I remember one night when we were on top of her roof. She said she wanted to be a scratch DJ… and I told her that my dream… was to be an actor on Broadway. I told her that I dreamed of being in a Tennessee Williams or a David Mamet play. She smiled. Then she threw up on me.”

A.J. MacLean at 39
“They didn’t understand that… all that time I was doing drugs and binge-drinking that it was a cry for help. I didn’t want to be a ‘Boy’ anymore. I hated who I was, who I had become. Why couldn’t they let me quit the band and let me study the clarinet at the Conservatory?! Why couldn’t they let me just be ME!!!”

Ja Rule at 45
“Man, nonna them people knew what was going on inside me. All they saw was just this thugged-out guy… but that’s not me, that’s just who the label wanted me to be. Makin’ all the money, yeah, it was cool. But makin’ all that money led to something that I really loved to do… interior decorating. I watch Martha Stewart on TV and I subscribe to her magazine. And, *sigh* that Christopher Lowell. That man is my mentor. He is just so bold in the way he does things….”

Fred Durst at 42
“Yeah, some say that I helped build the whole “Heavy Rap” genre of music. It wasn’t me, though, ’cause the label was the one really telling me what to do. I was a puppet… a mere puppet in their wretched little hands. I didn’t want to be on MTV. That shit disgusted me. I hated the producers, the label, all the people I worked with… I just wanted to be alone with a box of Cocoa Pebbles. They never really understood me. And they didn’t give me as much drugs as a man of my creativity needs…”

More when VH-1’s Behind the Music continues.


:::Coming up: Blu Cantrell and why no one ever heard from her again:::

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