INTERVIEW: Cilvaringz

Cilvaringz Interview (by Vadik)


First, there was the Wu. Then 6 billions jaws dropped all over the world as they released their first album, 36 Chambers. After that, the spin-off groups and emcees appeared. One of them is Cilvaringz, the first European Wu-affiliate. He earned his deal after jumping on stage during a concert and blazing the mic for two minutes. RZA was baffled, asked kid to come backstage, but Cilvaringz got thrown off by security. But the young Dutch one persisted and sent his demo tapes to RZA and his family, went to NY 4 times, and eventually got himself a deal. Named after the shit RZA wears on his fingers, Cilvaringz, real name Tarik Azzougarh, is about to release his first album. Vadik had a chance to speak with the man…

V: Whattup. Can you introduce yourself to the heads that don’t know you?

Cilvaringz: I’m Cilvaringz, 22 years old. I’m born in Dordrecht, living in Tilburg right now. I’m studying Music Management/Entertainment Law and I was signed to Wu-International by the RZA.

V: Aiight, so when is the album coming out and who are on it?

Cilvaringz: The album is called Deja Wu, which says enough. There’s no release date set yet, but it’ll probably be somewhere aorund Spring 2002. I finished the recording last summer in NY, now it’s time to do the mixing, mastering, promotion, videos and shit. You know the deal. Just taking our time. The guests are Killarmy, the RZA, Sunz of Man, Remedy, Shabazz the Disciple, 4th Disciple, Blue Raspberry, True Master, Bronze Nazareth, Barrakjudah and Moongod Allah.

V: Looks good. So what do you expect to sell?

Cilvaringz: I dunno man, no idea. I’m hoping for 300,000 to 400,000, that would be dope. It’s also the average for albums by Wu-family in the States.

V: What inspires you?

Cilvaringz: Oh, all kinds of shit. I reminisce a lot, I love that old classic shit. I was raised watching Indian flicks, old Biblical movies, I get a lot of inspiration from that. Kinda shit with harmony, old classic shit in all shapes and forms.

V: What’s the state of hip-hop right now – like it?

Cilvaringz: Naw. There’s not much dope shit coming out, I’m sorry. Yo, I rarely listen to hip-hop nowadays, a lot of that shit is just too cold and too fast and too horny. I don’t like it.

V: Well, there’s always the Wu. Did you like Iron Flag?

Cilvaringz: Hell yeah, that shit was dope for sure. Taking it back to the basics.

V: Yo, can you drop a few bars that’s vintage Cilvaringz?

Cilvaringz: Understanding is enormous, my sword’s like Ax winds/ It chops men/ preconceived form of the swarm and shadowboxing/ Entering the industry like phone checks in prison/ Spit a fly dart hit the bull’s eye/ The G.O.D. Cilvaringz/ be doing this because your thoughts are lost like Rae’s killer tape on 36/ I’m slicing brains with the razors/ For ages, people used my tongue to shave their faces

V: That’s dope son. RZA is working with a lot of European cats now, some rappers from Sweden and all that. What’s up with that – is it a gimmick? Or did he discover a shitload of talent we all overlooked?

Cilvaringz: The idea to make an album with European heads was mad old, and I can assure you, it’s far from a gimmick. I was there in Berlin and Avignon. RZA enjoyed himself and thought it was dope. We produced some mad ill tracks there, including You’ll Never Know, done by me and the RZA. Unfortunately we can’t include it on the album, cause we can’t clear the samples.

V: You got any tips for emcees who are new in the rap game?

Cilvaringz: Yeah, try to plan your whole career before you start and set your goals. But have patience and the strength to stand up whenever you fall. Keep on dreaming, make it work and never give up.

V: Aiight, thanks for that. So what’s your favourite sites?

Cilvaringz: Let’s see… 5 Elements, KennyRZA, Wu-Lyricz, Boombap, SOHH, Hiphopsite.Com, Al Jazeera, CNN… that’s it I guess.

V: Damn son, you just missed a huge opportunity. But never mind, thanks for the interview.

Cilvaringz: Haha… aiight, it was a pleasure man. Peace.

Thanks to Cilvaringz for taking time out to speak to Props to Vadik for the verbals.

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