Verbals by A to the L
Crisis Center Productions – Volume 1 (Crisis Center)
A three track 12″ containing dirty and clean mixes of ‘The Hurt’, ‘Trick Photography’ and ‘All I Hear Is’. ‘The Hurt’ is a fast paced headtrip, as Undefined rips the microphone up over a neck-snapping beat by DJ Concept. The little Mad Skillz samples only add to the fun. ‘Trick Photography’ is uncannily Dr Dre-ish, right down to the sing-song chorus, while ‘All I Hear Is’ is a rant on the bullshit commercialism plaguing Hiphop today. This latter cut really impresses, as Undefined is joined by Dase and Maximillian Steele to condemn the bling-bling culture. The emcees are hardcore, the beat is hardcore, the cuts by Concept are dope… what more do you want? If this is the standard of things to come, then look for Crisis Center to blowup soon.
RATING: 8 / 10

ARTICLE: 2001’s top 10 albums

2001’s top 10 albums (By DJ MF)

2001 will be a year remembered for a slew of really bad releases that basically followed the pop-rap formula set up by Ja Rule (I’m a thug who just wants love) that were countered brilliantly by a select few releases near the end of the year that redeemed the 2 double 01.