ARTICLE: If I ruled the world

If I ruled the world (By Timid)

“If I ruled the world (Imagine that)
I’d free all my sons,
I love em love em baby
Black diamonds and pearls
Could it be, if you could be mine, we’d both shine
If I ruled the world
Still livin for today, in these last days and times”

Remember that sentiment? Remember the view of the world if hip hop ruled it? The idea was that what if Hip Hop could have the power to “Rule the World” or even have a strong influence in it. I remember hearing that tune back in the day. It was an idyllic statement on what the possibilities could be if we had a hand in the way the world worked; simple innocent dreams of the oppressed. We didn’t want much, just to get the weight off of the shoulders of our world.

Fast forward to today. Hip Hop has that power. We don’t even realize the power we hold because we are still chasing that dream from that song with the “if” on perpetual loop in our minds. The “if” is now. The leaders of our Hip Hop nation have that influence. We saw an example recently of this when Russell Simmons holla’d at Pepsi and basically said, “You don’t want none of this son”, and they really didn’t. It was a beautiful victory that gave a multi-million dollar promise of support to the inner city from the beverage giant. That’s part of that sentiment that Nas was talking about.

Can you feel it?

Hip Hop has greater possibilities than any other music genre because it’s not just a music genre; it’s a lifestyle, a nation unto itself. On May 16, 2001, pioneer, KRS-One announced Hip Hop as an international culture at the United Nations in New York City. That’s part of that sentiment that Nas was talking about.

Well now that we have a voice that can’t be tuned out if used what is going to happen? What will our government do? Our government doesn’t consist of congress or any other agency you maybe thinking although our representatives are in the house.

The representative government of the Hip Hop nation, culture, and music is a loose knit of big wigs with names like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, and Dame Dash. These are our world leaders, these are the heads of state and our President is a quiet but stern man by the name of Russell Simmons. We have up and coming junior statesman that go by such names as Marshall “Eminem” Mathers and umm-just “Nelly” I guess.

Now before the hating begins and you judge the above statement based on your personal opinions of their music let me explain what I mean. They are our government and hold power because they can move and organize the people on a massive scale. Russell let Pepsi know that if they didn’t get right that when the brotha’s got a bit parched they would be obeying their thirst elsewhere outside the realm of Pepsi products. If you move the people you can make things happen. When you have the people you have influence. That’s what all those campaign dollars, the less hip governmental officials spend, buys. Hip Hop flips the system a bit and does it better. Each record is a campaign banner, Hip Hop as a business doesn’t buy influence but gains a stronger voice in the world through every sale or performance. Big things are possible. That’s part of that sentiment that Nas was talking about.

You think NYPD is the only agency taking a look at the awesome potential that Hip Hop contains? You better believe that the United States PD has peeped it too. At no other time in the history of this country has a so-called sub-culture have what Hip Hop has. No other classification of peoples in this country has that connection to each other like Hip Hop does. Think about it. Can you imagine what would happen if the word came down from the top of Hip Hop today and said, “We’ve had enough, let’s ride” what could happen on all levels from street to business? That’s part of that sentiment that Nas was talking about.

I’m just saying, peep the possibilities of the changes that could be put into affect with a responsible positive unified movement by all the heads of our government. Just think on it, we could change the hook from “If I Ruled The World” to “When We Decided To Rule The World”. Now, that’s the sentiment Nas was talking about.

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