ARTICLE: New Year, new start

New year, new start (By Truplaya611)

Even though this is late (real late), Happy New Year to all readers. So can we expect some major drama to go down this year in Hip-Hop? I say yeah, its bound to happen regardless of what anyone says. Someone always steps somewhere they shouldn’t have and that’s where the tension starts (There’s already a continuation of some beef right now). The art of “sampling”, some call it the foundation of creating music, specifically beats. Aight, maybe so, but lets try to be more original here.

I want to hear more original, new beats this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the practice, but if you are going to sample, at least make the song hot (That’s a hint to some producers, and artists out there). Hip-Hop cinema: still holding it down, glad to see it. My only complaint is that it should be released on the big screens in smaller markets too, not just the big cities. Hip-Hop fads: 2-Way Pagers, yeah they were hot for a minute, but only a minute (a waste of money if you ask me, when you can do all that on a regular cell phone). What I do see becoming very popular in 2K2 are downloadable ring tones for cell phones, but then again certain models only support it. Could this be the year of crossover hits? Lets say songs with a more “rhythmic” feel to it that normally wouldn’t have it. I don’t know, but it is surely looking like it. If you aren’t the radio type (I know of a few people who just play CDs all the time), make an effort to listen to the urban station(s) in your area, and you may see what I’m talking about. I think this should be an interesting, promising year for the Rap/Hip-Hop community. Lets hope my prediction is right.

* I would also like to officially welcome Bmore’s newest Hip-Hop/R&B station “X105.7 Blazin’ Jamz” which debuted on September 10, 2001. I had a chance to peep them fully while I was home for winter break, and my radio was locked. They definitely filled in the holes, and then some left by that other station (92Q Jams) down the dial. Props to everyone at “X105.7 Blazin’ Jamz”. I made the big switch! *

Until next time, Peace & 1 Luv.


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