DJ Next Interview (by Suspect)

DJ Next

My man Suspect recently had a chance to hook up with Mixtape specialist, DJ Next to chat about the release of his new mix cd, banishing bootleggers from Hiphop, and his influences as a DJ coming up. This is how it went down…

ARTICLE – Quality Control

Quality control

Lately its struck me just how low people will sink for cash. At a time when Hiphop is at the peak of its popularity, when you can’t switch on the TV without hearing a rapper trying to sell you a car / a drink / a t-shirt / a pair of shoes, when you can’t walk down the street without passing someone who’s followed their advice and is now driving that car, whilst drinking that drink, and rocking that shirt and shoes, its become plain how much Hiphop is being prostituted.


Verbals by A to the L
Black Sheep – RedLightGreenLight (Antra)
Black Sheep are back, and suddenly everything seems right with the world again. Although Dres dropped a solo joint in 1999, ‘RedLightGreenLight’ is the first outing on wax of Dres and Lawnge as a duo since 94’s “Non Fiction” album. Despite the 8 year absence, this sounds like they’ve never been away – ‘RLGL’ is a mid tempo headnodder with a pulsing bassline and a catchy chorus, that no doubt will start to pop up on mixtapes everywhere. I’m more impressed with the other cuts on here however – the swirling ‘This Is How We Do’, and the incredibly bouncy ‘Havin’ Fun Wit It!’ are both highly enjoyable reintroductions to the Black Sheep sound. U CAN get with this.
RATING: 7.5 / 10

ARTICLES: Rambling thoughts from the mental

Rambling thoughts from the mental (By Redeem)

Music of all forms can provide the eager listener with unmeasurableamounts of pleasure. Personally, there is nothing that effects me like music. I’m seriously considering taking my collection with me when I pass on, like a modern day Egyptian King. But by that time, it’d probably need a full-size coffin for itself. But more then the lasting pleasures we can take from music, there’s something else there to learn from. The mistakes and triumphs of the so-called Role Models.