ARTICLE: The Automator in London

The Automator in London (By Redeem)

So I’d been away from London for a whole year. I was on the look out for a good hip-hop night clubbing adventure to reawaken my sleeping ‘Inna’. The God’s of great timing were shining on me. Wordplay Records had provided us with Dan the Automator, who was to play a rare set at London’s much-talked about superclub, Fabric. The monkey seller was headlining, but it was also a showcase of live djing, consisting of DJ Noize, James Lavelle, Fabio, Adam F, Geoff Barrow of Portishead, and since there was three different rooms, the list went on and on and on.


Now for those with their heads, and wallets buried in the concrete, Fabric is one of a few superclubs popping up over London, boasting three large rooms with different levels, amazing sounds systems, friendly staff and reasonable prices. The atmosphere was spot on from the jump, with the dark blue and purple colours, adding to the obvious underground, cavernous feel. It didn’t take long for the dance floor to reach the ‘elbows in me ribs’ stage, as Choice FM’s incredible DJ Kofi handled his business. A tight journey of classic, nu-to-old skool hip-hop and he even attempted to mix it seamlessly with London’s own music sounds. The crowd was loving Kofi’s every move, a nice start.

The night continued with a professional feel throughout. From Adam F and Fabio, Andy Smith, to the crowd-moving Fallacy and Fusion. And as the hours passed, the crowd intensified. Everywhere you looked people were either moving to the many beats, getting their drink on, merrily, or tryina’ pick-up in the unisex toilets. London was displaying all the positive elements needed in the nightclub….my bad, ‘Superclub’, scene. After taking as much heart pounding nasty DrumNBass my insides could take, it was time to finally peep Mr. Nakamura.

Club shot

Like many others, it was a first time for me seeing Dan live. So it’s obviously impossible to compare his set to previous displays. But with the crowd amped like they were, even if it were an average show, London would have still been moving as strong. But it wasn’t average, just a bit short. Although in his defence, this wasn’t necessarily a concert by The Automator, he was just another DJ, part of the FabricLive promotions. Maybe this should have been made clearer to some, but this apart, Dan played to the crowd expertly. Spinning crowd favourites and also dropping in tracks from his new “Wanna Buy A Monkey’ LP. De La Soul’s ‘Bionix’, Black Rob, Deltron 3030, Gorrilaz, Puba, Masta Ace, each one improving from the last. No real classics from ‘How’s Your Girl’, nor ‘Lovage’. He’s not really one for crowd participation either, compared to some of the previous night’s DJ’s, but he was there to spin. And the crowd was, like a drugged up Kylie, Definitely spinning around. As was my head at 5am, and it was time to leave. The long cold journey home was atleast comforted by the satisfaction of a great impressive night of entertainment and professionalism, from all performers and organizers. SuperLondon, let’s keep this going….

Until next rhyme.

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