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Rambling thoughts from the mental (By Redeem)

Music of all forms can provide the eager listener with unmeasurableamounts of pleasure. Personally, there is nothing that effects me like music. I’m seriously considering taking my collection with me when I pass on, like a modern day Egyptian King. But by that time, it’d probably need a full-size coffin for itself. But more then the lasting pleasures we can take from music, there’s something else there to learn from. The mistakes and triumphs of the so-called Role Models.

The industry is not faceless anymore. The image, whether portrayed by video’s, articles or album covers, is unfortunately all important in today’s market. The impact is huge on the young minds of the buying public. Not that you would think it, since the biggest sellers in the charts are either using Sex, Violence or Public Controversy to fight each other for the fickle top spot. But these are easy targets, I’m here to look at the less exposed examples of the Good and Bad Role Models.

Tupac Shakur
Now everything has been wrote about the late great rapper, but he was the perfect example of ‘confusion & contradiction’. Nobody knew, and probably the man himself didn’t know what direction in his life to take. The evidence is there, on record and tragically captured on camera. The thug, brutha, lover, son, gangsta, idol, matyr, etc, the list goes on. He inspired many but hopefully, people learnt that you gotta be yerself and realise you can’t please everyone. Especially when half the people that call themselves friends, are there for other reasons. Tupac R.I.P.

House Of Pain
Strange jump eh? Well this is almost the same as above. Erik and Co had huge success with their debut LP, selling units worldwide, thanks to their classic single release, ‘Jump Around’. But soon enough questions were raised about their supposed Irish ancestry. The truth came out, Everlast had distant Irish family but the damage was done. Their credibilty never survived after that, despite releasing some decent songs and surviving for another 5 years. At the time, white rappers NEEDED something to give themselves credibility. 3rd Bass rapped about pro-black issues as if it affected them directly and the Beastie Boys, although having connections, distanced themselves with their ‘geetar’ sound. So I dont blame them for using their Irish blood to achieve success. But as with 2Pac, if you are ultimately not true to yer own self, then it’s gonna come back and either hurt yer career, or you personally.

Miles Davis = ODB
The lure of drugs can attack you whether you’re a bum on the street, or a successful and respected artist. It doesn’t discriminate, there are no victims in it’s target. Probably the most obvious lesson to be learned, there’s no positive here. I’m not talking soft drugs, this is life wrecking shit, but you all know this, even those that skived off school. Two HUGE examples to take from, O.D.B. has screwed up his career. Yeah, he might get back to normality and hopefully will, but he could have gone on to do some great original music like only he can and enjoyed the success of life that comes with it, instead of pissing around, high off drugs. And all I need to say about Miles Davis, is the fact he PAWNED HIS TRUMPET for drugs!!! Now that’s hard shit…

Now you might complain I didn’t give any positive role models to set standards from, but this time, I just wanted to concentrate on taking the positive from the negative.

Until next rhyme.

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