ARTICLE: A letter to the man

A letter to the man (By Timid)

Dear The Man,

We win. It’s as simple as that. We win. You have tried to hold us down by any and all means. From economics to murder to fixing elections to obtain your goals. From indoctrination in the teaching of history, so that we only read what you want us to read to your biased subliminal messages you have hypnotized the masses with through mass media. Even from the past to the present to the plans you still have for the future, the simple fact is we win.


Verbals by A to the L
Harli Heartz – All I Want Is A Nut (GMF)
Heads in the know may perhaps recognise the name of Harli Heartz following her appearance on Buckshot’s “BDI Thug” album. This debut cut is an agressive attempt at an alternative lady’s anthem – this one is all about ladies getting satisfaction. The basic production consists of a simple but effective horn loop layed over a hard edged boom boom bap – its a little dated perhaps, but is certainly effective in showcasing Harli’s skills. Coming off as a much more lyrically competent version of Lil Kim on this cut, Harlem native Harli is in-ya-face and downright filthy from the opening bar. Viciously dope. The flipside, ‘The Autobiography’ shows that Harli ain’t a one-trick pony – a where-I’m-from type joint, I’m seriously feeling the production on here. Make a note of the name.
RATING: 7 / 10


E-Swift Interview (by A to the L)

Tha Liks

As one third of the world famous Alkaholiks, E-Swift often seems content to play the background while emcees Tash and J.Ro take centre stage. But as an in-demand producer, and the provider of the ill beats that his two compadres rock over, E-Swift is just as important to the success of tha Liks. I was fortunate to hook up with Swift, as he worked on promoting the “High Times Compilation” which features a couple of tracks from members of the crew. This is what happened…