ARTICLE: A letter to the man

A letter to the man (By Timid)

Dear The Man,

We win. It’s as simple as that. We win. You have tried to hold us down by any and all means. From economics to murder to fixing elections to obtain your goals. From indoctrination in the teaching of history, so that we only read what you want us to read to your biased subliminal messages you have hypnotized the masses with through mass media. Even from the past to the present to the plans you still have for the future, the simple fact is we win.

It’s too late now. We are here and aren’t going anywhere. We progress and won’t stop and there is nothing you can do. Ok, so the FBI is busting up some record label offices, the NYPD has a ‘Hip Hop Task Force’ investigating the those involved in the culture, rappers are in jail and the IRS jacked JD for his loot. In the face of all that you still lose.

Let me enlighten you.

No matter how much you want us to fail, YOU won’t let us. You are our biggest supporter. You can have as many court hearings as you want about our music and our culture but you won’t let us lose. We have you trapped; trapped by your own greed. It disturbs you to no end to see a nice car with a rapper in it. You hate that your children are mesmerized by everything that we do.

You see, we created something so powerful that you can’t defeat it. Hip hop. You want it to go away but you won’t let it and you can’t make it. You won’t let it because there is just too much money in it now; from movies to merchandising to sales to clothes. All that money flowing through Hip Hop and you’ve been salivating over it ever since the beginning. A fad, hahaha, you saw to it that it wasn’t going to be a fad. We used you. With all the power that you appear to have you have one very large weakness. Your kryptonite is greed; and we bitch slapped you with a big chunk of it. Now it’s like catnip to you. You just can’t stay away from all that is and has come out of Hip Hop. From the foulest gangsta rap to the most eloquent poetical lyrics, you just have to have more so you can get a piece of it. You are a fiend and we are the pushers.

Don’t think that by reading this that you can all of a sudden shut it all down. No, first off your greed would never allow that but even if you were able to overcome it, we have you on another angle. The more pressure you put down on us the stronger Hip Hop becomes. Hahaha. Checkmate. All you can do is throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care but get in the back you are throwing everyone else offbeat.

Hip Hop

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