Black Moon Interview (by DJ MF)

Black Moon

There are few certainties in life. Until this interview, one of them was that MF rarely gets flustered. No, you will not be getting an unbiased piece here. I love Black Moon, and this was a chance of a lifetime to get to interview them. Leading off with the top single from the “THC Compilation” entitled ‘High Times’, featuring Sean Price, Starang, and Top Dogg, which coincidentally is the first REAL new Black Moon product in a couple of years, Buckshot and I went over his involvement in the High Times Tour (featuring Non Phixion, Smif-N-Wessun, and Afu-Ra), the future of Duck Down Records, beef, and a couple of other things, as Dru Ha and Evil Dee apparently sat in the background laughing and coughing nonstop…

MF: What’s crackin’

Buck: Yeah man, we got this new project happening, it’s all about trees, the High Times album baby.

MF: So how’d you guys hook up with High Times anyways?

Buck: Dru Ha. He’s doing marketing and consulting for them right now. So he’s been up here : been up here for a while. And you know where I go, Black Moon go, and the rest of the Camp gonna come too.

MF: So the lead single and your contribution to the compilation is ‘High Times’, produced by the Beatminerz. Did you guys have that laying around, or did you make it especially for the compilation?

Buck: Nah, nah. Dee and Walt are real real creative at what they do. That’s why you don’t even hear their kinds of sounds in the saturated industry. When they do something, they do it creatively – this was definitely made for this specific project – it was made to put you in that zone, ya know?

MF: You guys start the High Times tour on April 30th right?

Buck: Yeah. We’ll be rocking a lot of shows, doing a lot of events. We’re doing Toronto on Friday.

MF: So how did you guys hook up the tour? Was it something High Times did? Or something that Duck Down organized?

Buck: Naw. High Times put that together. High Times and Dru.

MF: So, on the ‘High Times’ single, you’ve got two-thirds of OGC, Sean Price, Starang, Top Dogg : where’s Louieville at?

Buck: Yeah. Louie ain’t there. Rock is not there. Tek’s not there. We the type of people that when we do records, we don’t need everybody there at one time ya know? We like family. So if there’s only 2 or 3 brothers in the house, we’ll do it with 2 or 3 brothers. If there’s 5, we’ll do it with 5. If there’s 7, we do it with 7.

MF: So on the same vibe – any info on the whereabouts of 5 Footer? Will we be hearing him on the new Black Moon LP?

Buck: Yeah, you’ll be hearing some more Five. Everybody just has to put their individual work in. Everybody has to come to the table. We’re all grown men. Everybody has to find their positions, know their positions, play their positions, perform well. Get it cracking ya know. That’s what it’s all about. Everybody handles their business.

MF: Duck Down has the ‘Collector’s Edition’ album, Sean Price album, and Smif-N-Wessun album coming out soon :

Buck (interrupting): That ‘Collector’s Edition’ is gonna be dope. It’s gonna be like a new Bootcamp Clik album man.

MF: So it’ll be something like ‘Duck Down Presents’?

Buck: Naw, it ain’t gonna be like that. ‘Duck Down Presents’ was just saying Duck Down presents : songs that were already out, but a lot of people hadn’t heard. So people wanted to buy those songs, but had nowhere to buy them.

MF: I thought the ‘Collector’s Edition’ was going to be a collection of B-sides and other tracks that have been released on vinyl only thus far?

Buck: We were going to do that, but then we changed it, and decided to make it an album of new shit instead.

MF: On that same tip – how long before a new Black Moon album?

Buck: After Smif-N-Wessun drops. Right after. We working on the Black Moon album right now.

MF: OK, so who are you looking at distributing it? Rawkus is doing the Smif-N-Wessun LP – can we look forward to them maybe doing the Black Moon album too? Or will you be shopping each project individually?

Buck: I think that right now. Rawkus has Smif-N-Wessun, but we ain’t gonna do the Black Moon project there. We gonna do the Black Moon project the same way we did it on the first album – on Duck Down.

MF: The majority of the production work will be Beatminerz right? Any other outside production work? You and M-Boogie in particular seemed to have a lot of chemistry together.

Buck: Yeah we got some. We’re gonna be working with Hi-Tek for a couple of joints. We’re gonna be working with Alchemist. I don’t know about M-Boogie in particular, but yeah, we will be working with other producers.


MF: Speaking of labels – there’s been a lot of rumours concerning Tha Row and Duck Down, particularly the status of Sean Price. Any word on this?

Buck: Tha Row? We’re tight with Tha Row. We’re cool with them. Suge is my man. I feel sorry for him right now because he’s going through a lot of drama right now. I don’t want no man to go through stuff like that. But basically, we don’t know. If you see Duck Down and Tha Row together, you might see that. I’m not saying it won’t happen. You might see that. We real dudes, you know what I’m saying? Those cats on the west coast always got love for Buckshot, and they’ve always been real with the Clik. We was with them at the time that there was real hatred for the east coast, and we was still going out there, and they were bringing us out there and showing us love, because they recognized real dudes. Them dudes out there, those aren’t niggas, those are soldiers.

MF: And the ‘One Nation’ project?

Buck: I’m talking about ‘One Nation’, I’m talking about Snoop, I’m talking about Dre. My relationship with those dudes is real deep. Real real deep. Like, I’m going over to Tray Dee’s grandmother’s house, that’s how deep it is.

MF: On the west coast topic – there’s been a lot of rumours circulating about an Outlawz diss track featuring Lidu Rock where they’re all taking shots at you.

Buck: I don’t think so. I don’t think you’ve actually heard any Outlawz diss Buckshot.

MF: You’re right, like I said, I’ve only read it thus far.

Buck: What that is, is that it’s simple and plain. At one point in time, brothers felt that way. Nobody besides Buckshot, Tek and Steele, and Dru Ha have ever in their lives laid eyes on Pac, in the Clik. Feel me? Other than that, I don’t even comment on it. Anybody who wants to pop shit on me, diss me, or whatever, to gain publicity, it’s sad for them. Don’t try to gain publicity by dissing the hand that fed you. So you can imagine beef if you want to, but I don’t got beef with you. I don’t got no drama – east coast or west coast. Nobody from Bootcamp ever met Pac except for me, Dru and Smif-N-Wessun. Nobody in the Clik ever met the Outlawz until after Pac died. And Outlawz are real. I know them. They won’t just pop shit about Buckshot before coming to me first. I already spoke to EDI. We got love. That’s why I don’t worry about the rumours and messageboards and whatever. Because that’s a Lidu Rock song with some nobody cat on it, and they’re just screaming ‘outlaws’ all over it, even though no Outlawz are on it.

MF: So what about the Rock beef? How’d that come about? Was it caused by his whole solo album deal with Duck Down going sour?

Buck (laughing): You saying his solo album is sour?

MF (laughing): No no : I was just saying that the deal went sour. Although I do think a lot of it isn’t that good.

Black Moon

Buck: Hey dog, don’t ever let no man back you down from your opinion. My point is – I don’t got beef with Rock. None of us have drama with Rock. Rock did whatever he did. I’m not mad at that. He’s trying to venture out, doing his own thing out there on the west coast with them Limp Bizkit cats. He’s still doing it. I’m just saying, I love the man. Can’t nobody shake me in my square. I don’t have no type of fear. I just feel like, yo, Rock is my man. He always was, and will be Bootcamp. He won’t ever be able to change that. So, whatever. In the end I’m a real dude, so God got my back. And if he’s a real dude too, then God will have his.

MF: Alright. So back to the music – in recent interviews, Evil Dee has been saying that the new Black Moon album will see a return to the Buck ‘of old’. What’s your take on that?

Buck: My flow is spiritual. Whatever flow you hear is what I’m feeling spiritually at the time. So what you’re going to hear is a lot of flows that you haven’t heard. Or that you’ve heard, but you’re like, ‘yo, I’ve missed it’. Nobody can flow on a track like me. The reason why I did that (changed up the flow) was because a lot of hip hop songs and artists were coming out that weren’t making me feel good.

MF: So what about the future? Duck Down has focused exclusively on music for the past 2 years. Can we expect some videos and extra promotional stuff coming out soon?

Buck: Well, that’s the individual labels that do that. It’s up to them. We don’t have control over budgets and videos and things like that. I wish I could just say, ‘do this video’ or whatever, but I can’t. But I do know that when Tek and Steele drop, they’ll be coming out. A video and everything. As a matter of fact, we got Duck Down Visuals 4 coming out soon. I can’t tell you how we’re gonna do it, but it’s gonna be something that no one has ever done before. It’s gonna be a CD. It’s gonna be tight.

MF: Alright. So to end things off, some word/name association…

MF: Dru Ha

Buck: Loyal.

MF: Suge Knight

Buck: Unfortunate.


Buck (laughing): Missing.

MF: Biggie

Buck (long pause): Hip hop.

MF: Tupac

Buck: Life.

MF: Jay-Z

Buck: Talent.

MF: Eminem

Buck: Heart.

MF: September 11th
Buck: Aw man. It killed us. You know what I’m saying. It just fucked everybody up. Everybody was just fucked up after that.

MF: Alright man. Thanks for the interview. Just wanted to tell you before you take off that Black Moon is what got me into hip hop to begin with, so much love.

Buck: Respect man, much love. One. Check us out on the High Times tour, and cop that ‘Collector’s Edition’ when it drops!

Thanks again to Black Moon for taking part, and for Chuck at Aggressive Media for setting this up.

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