Verbals by A to the L
FatLip – Here Comes The Lip (Delicious Vinyl)
Whenever you mention Fatlip, the word Pharcyde is never far behind. Despite the fact that he jumped out the group to go for dolo several years ago, its still his work as a member of that crazy collective that always seems to crop up first when he’s mentioned. Lets get this straightened out though – Fatlip is an ill emcee in his own right, nonchalantly spitting witty punchlines and off the wall words at ease, on both the lazy paced title track, and the hard-edged, soft-chorused ‘Story Of Us’ B-side. In fact, ‘Here Comes The Lip’ sounds almost like a freestyle, with Lip coming off with crazy rhymes thoughout, as the beat crawls along in the background. A competent return to the spotlight for Mr Lip, and a nice indicator as to how good his forthcoming longplayer “The Loneliest Punk” will be.
RATING: 7 / 10