ARTICLE: Fuck beef, fuck MF, fuck 2pac

Fuck beef, fuck MF, fuck 2pac (By Los Gigantes)

I’m Los Gigantes. Get used to me. I’m gonna be lingering round here longer than a cabbage, rice and beans fart.

I’m fucking sick and tired of it. I am. I tell you if I hear of another ‘lyrical’ beef between two fuckwits who have an album coming out soon I’m gonna fuck R.Kelly’s kids – see how he likes it (watch out for his new album “Breakin’ Em In” in the stores soon) Anyway, Gay-Z, Feminem, Nelly the Elephant, K Arse S None and Nas Escobra can all kiss my ass. I’m calling them fags out on the new Los Gigantes album. It drops October 25th and production is handled by the same cats that did Canibus’ banging ‘C True Hollywood Stories’ album, so you know its gonna be off tha heezy fo’ sheezy my neezy. Remember, Los Gigantes said it – Fuck Gay-Z, Feminem, Nelly The Elephant, K Arse S None & Nas Escobra. Songs include the answer to Nas’ One Mic called One Dyke, the answer to KRS’s Still #1 called I’m Still Up Your Mom and the answer to Eminem’s Say What You Say called Gay, yes you are Gay and the remix of R.Kelly’s Fiesta called Molester (featuring the sound of schoolgirls being pissed on) amongst others. Hit me up on the e-mail for more info. That should guarantee some sales.

Fuck MF. That’s right. Fuck that kebab munching, plate smashing, big nose having Zorba the Greek cock smoker right up the asshole with no Vaseline. Why? The El-P review. What a waste of time. What a waste of web space. Let me show you how to review anything that El-Pnis or Vast Ass or Aesop Cock or any of them white boys make: “ITS SHIT” That’s all that needs to be said. That ‘music’ (and I use the term loosely) has NO redeeming features. Fuck anyone who claims that those no soul having, lilywhite assmunchers are hip-hop. They aren’t. I asked KRS one and he said that one of the elements of hip-hop is to not be El-P or to like anything that that ginger shit-eater or any of his crew does or ever did. And yes, I did say white boys. Yes they are all white, even Vast Ass. No I’m not racist. I may be white myself. I may be just saying things so the black people like me. Gimme Benzino’s album any day. That said, the Ginger Prince is quite a good head-giver. Believe me.

Here’s something I don’t understand: why do people rate 2Pac? He was fucking shit. About as lyrically gifted as a cup full o’cat piss. He made the grand total of 2 decent songs in his whole career, and now his mom is trying to pimp her dead son’s asshole by releasing album after album of weak remixes of his old songs, trying to palm them off as ‘lost tapes’ or something. They aren’t lost tapes. They were not used because the songs were shit. Don’t release them. They were shit then and they will be shit now. Fuck that faggot dancer. The best thing he ever did was do the Humpty Dance after Shock G stuck it up him. While we are talking about dead rappers, RIP Ja Rule. That’s a real loss to the hip-hop world right there.

I’m off to drink Cristal with P.Diddy & Usher (by the way, did you see me in the “I Need A Girl” video? I was the one who looks like Bizarre from D-12 in the gold dress) Don’t forget to buy Darrin’s Dance Grooves Video – you too can dance like N*Stink.

Lotsa Love,
Los Gigantes

5 Replies to “ARTICLE: Fuck beef, fuck MF, fuck 2pac”

  1. Fuck u i bet u cant rap for shit your a mothafucking bitch nobodys even heard of you until u sell a record u shouldnt talk shit about rap legends

  2. I didn’t care what you were sayin’ by all the other rappers..

    But Fuck Pac ?, Na Motherfucker fuck you.

    If I’ll see you i’ma bouta Kill you Biatch..

    Me and every motherfucker will eat you, eat a dick and die, Bitch !

  3. fuck you mutha fucka. dont talk shit about dead rappers you bitch-made fuck. fuckin’ pussy, go die

  4. That shits hilarious…..i was half expecting a ‘fuck 2pac’s mum”. People proper getting mad and shit…..damn.

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