Necro Interview (by A to the L)


Necro. You’ve probably heard of him. You may be a diehard fan who’s got every single thing he’s released. Or you may have written him off as another horrorcore emcee who’s made his career as carrying on a trend invented by the Gravediggaz. Whatever. What’s undeniable is that he is rapidly gaining fame on the underground scene for both his lyrics and his beat-making skills. I had the chance to chat to him recently – a 10 minute interview slot… which amazingly grew to a 55 minute discussion on Hiphop, politics, religion and a whole lot more.

A lot of people don’t know that you first came out with released stuff around ’96. They still see Necro as a new phenomenon. Give em a little history lesson – how did you get to where you are?

Necro: Basically I’ve been doing music for a long time : I guess you could say from around the late 80’s. I was doing metal : guitars : that kind of shit – that’s how I got started with music. And then from there, I started writing some Hiphop. I grew up in the projects, so I started fucking with all this Hiphop and rhyming, and mixing it with all these influences from metal : so my rhyming – it kinda started out sick anyway. On the Hiphop side of things I was influenced by all the music that was coming out in the late 80’s and early 90’s – from Rakim, to Big Daddy Kane, to KRS. By the time it was 1990, me and my brother (Ill Bill from Non Phixion), we were doing it seriously, to the point where we wanted to blow up. At that time, we weren’t ready yet : nah : fuck it, realistically I guess we were ready, because if you listen to one of my demos from 1990 – I ain’t rhyming then the way I’m rhyming now, and it ain’t the BEST stuff : but : a lot of these gay motherfuckers that are out NOW in the underground? The ones who are out now, and have fanbase, and are respected? They ain’t rhyming any different to the shit we were rhyming about in 1990. See, nowadays I feel like you don’t have to be the best rhymer, putting out the best shit, to get respect and get an interview.

You can actually be extremely mediocre right now and STILL get props. So, I mean in 1990 we probably weren’t as on point as we thought we were, started getting a little iller by 1992 : and we’ve just been evolving. Shit, even in 1992 and ’93, people wanted to sign my brother back then : and I would be dealing with managers that wanted to mess with me. By 1994 though, we started to get on radio stations, and that started to get us a fanbase. The reason being that we were just so sick with the shit that we would kick on the radio, that kids would tape it. Back then there was very very few rappers, maybe 2 or 3, that were even coming close to the topics we were talking about. Between me, Gortex, Ill Bill and Captain Carnage : the shit we dropped on radio? Damn, nobody was doing that. So : we just snatched up fanbase : and this was way before the whole internet craze, way before backpackers, way before fucking coffee house rap : we were rhyming on radio stations before Wu-Tang dropped, and music seminars before Mobb Deep dropped Shook Ones, you know? That’s how far back we were rhyming : And then people will say “well why didn’t you blow up?”

Lemme give you a few reasons : number one – we’re white : and people really don’t wanna give any white kids a chance. Number two – I guess we really didn’t understand out business. At the end of the day this whole thing is really about business and how you present yourself. I mean we were hungry, but there’s different ways of dealing with that shit. You can be hungry, and then cocoon yourself away, and constantly work on your own thing on your own, or you can be hungry and go out and push your stuff on every other person that’s out there and then you get on. I mean, take Eminem as an example – he went to mad freestyle shows and did all that stuff.

Did you ever try to go down that route of battling emcees at shows?

Necro: Me personally? I dabbled in it a little bit, but I never pushed hard enough. I did the New Music Seminar and got booed off the stage because I walked on wearing a Charles Manson shirt. The majority of the people there were black, and so the second they saw me walk on with my shirt : they just started booing. But I still stayed and battled, and earned my respect from the guy I battled. Really though I just got to the point where I was already so sick mentally, that I was on my OWN shit. I wasn’t actually looking for respect from other people – I already had respect for myself and for what I was doing, and just wanted to find an audience who would appreciate it for what it was; as opposed to sucking Hiphop’s dick, and trying to get all these bigwigs to agree that I’m good.


Was it a conscious decision to go down the route of using “shock” lyrics to try to make some noise, or were those type of lyrics coming from your background growing up?

Necro: They came from many different things : originally I called myself Necrophiliac, but it wasn’t meant to be shocking as much as it was meant to be original and stand out. You have to figure, that if you’re gonna be a rapper, and there’s so many people doing it, you have to stand out from the crowd. There’s many different things you can use to stand out : I just didn’t say one day “Hey lets drop some sick lyrics and have a fucked up name.” I just liked the name because it was brutal. Where did I get that idea from? It didn’t come from any urge to be shocking as a rapper, it came more from my influences in metal. But like I said before, when I was doing the whole metal thing, I was reciting lines from ‘La-Di-Da-Di’ and Roxanne Shante and all that old shit. So everything kinda mixed together at the same time, and when I decided to progress with Hiphop fulltime, I already had something I could come with that was different : that gave me a different angle – still rhyming with a nice flow, still kicking complex verses, still being funny, still being real : but I don’t gotta sound like this guy : like Kane, like Shante, like Rakim. Because I got influences that they never fucked with, just the same way that they might have influences that they fucked with. They come from this neighbourhood, I come from that neighbourhood. So : it shouldn’t really shock : it just comes down to the point where : I just like shit that’s iller.

A lot of people have kinda tried to fit you into this “gimmick” rapper pigeonhole, because of your subject matter. What do you say to them?

Necro: Everything is relative : its how you look at it. I feel like the majority of people follow what other people say as opposed to creating their own form of opinion. Even the press : I mean people will say that what I say is an example of what shock is : but : what about a gay backpacker emcee –

Nah – I think I’ll pass :

Necro: Seriously though, you have this little gay backpacker talking about Hiphop and getting his dick sucked at the coffee house – in his own realm, he’s trying to shock his little fag fans : all those other litte guys who drink coffee. “Look at me! I look like a fag – and I’m rhyming good!” EVERYBODY’S trying to shock people somehow : when Nas drops Ether he’s trying to shock people by shitting on Jay-Z. But people won’t call that shock lyrics. Everybody’s trying to shock. If you’er putting stuff out there, and expecting people to just stop their day to look at your shit? You’re trying to shock them. Gwen Stefani shows her belly in the video, and she’s trying to catch people. So, when I rhyme it ain’t like I’m “oh, let me PLAN to be crazy”, the fact is it HAS to be crazy. Or I ain’t feeling it – I can’t get open to it. Its like if you’re having sex, and you’re fucking the same girl over and over, and her pussy’s all loose now : she’s gonna get boring –

Come on man. You’re talking to a married man over here! You’re making me depressed and shit :

Necro: Yeah, but that’s where it depends on how you handle the situation – because now you can do things to liven it up. You say “OK now we gotta roleplay : or we gotta do this, or we gotta do that”, you know? But to just do the same thing over and over? That’s just boring. So bringing it back to the music : if I do a song about ‘Dead Body Disposal’ – its because I like brutal shit. I don’t wanna rhyme about “Hey man I’m doper than you : the sun rays : I’m like the sun when it shines on the moon.” To me that shit is boring. Fuck that.

I wanna do some shit that’s never been done before in Hiphop, and contribute, and be recognised for it. And if you look at the shit I’ve done – I’m doing shit that motherfuckers haven’t done before. Some people like it, and some don’t, but I know that there’s a certain amount of people that are loving it. I do ‘Dead Body Disposal’ – it ain’t never been done before. I do a song rapping about scalpels – nobody did that before. Not too many people before in Hiphop have actually done a whole song about knives : people did stuff about guns : but never knives. I like the thought of people looking in a Hiphop dictionary under “guns”, and seeing a million people listed, but then when they come to “scalpels” they’re just gonna see Necro. And now the good thing about it all : the good thing about flipping original topics, no matter how sick they are, is that some kid can peep this interview and be like “Oh, Necro does this sick stuff that nobody else does, so now I’m gonna do it.” It ain’t as easy as that. Its not a case of just waking up and snapping your fingers and coming with something original. It takes talent : and a fucked up brain.

I gotta ask – and I’m gonna blame you because you brought him up first : do you think that simply because of your colour you’re seen as riding Eminem’s coat-tails – despite the fact that you were dropping shit first?

Necro: Any person that would think that, we can agree is not really up on underground Hiphop. Am I right?


Necro: So then would you also agree that someone who IS up on the whole underground scene, and has knowledge of what’s going on here, would KNOW that I ain’t trying to ride his coat-tails?

Yes again.

Necro: So that’s how you gotta look at it. It’s really just a case of ignorance. And me knowing that some people are ignorant – it really doesn’t bother me, it just makes me want them to know my story. I feel that people are smart enough, that once they hear my story, and they see me in person, and they see how I act, and how my attitude is – they’ll find out the truth. They’ll find out who I am, how long I’ve done this, when I started, who my influences are : and then they can decide what they want from then. The whole point is though, that if they don’t know : then how can I have any anger towards them? If, AFTER somebody takes the time to find out about me, and then they still come out and say something like that? I feel they should get murdered. I really don’t give a fuck about how people see me – you either like my shit or you don’t. If you don’t like it, then go on to the next motherfucker, leave me alone : I’ll be moving on to the next fan, you move on to the next rapper.


And whats your view on the likes of Cage, Copywrite and that whole Eastern Conference Records clique? (There’s rumours that you guys are going through a little beef right now – is this correct?)

Necro: Beef? With who? Cage? Copywrite? Who said I had beef with them?

One of the people who checks my site, asked me for your views on it : (*makes mental note to slap my boy Jasper*)

Necro: Man, I don’t even know Copywrite. I mean, I’ve met him a few times, but beyond that : he has nothing to do with me. Not only does he not have any beef with me, but we have nothing to do with each other. And people shouldn’t assume that just because me and Cage don’t work together that there’s some time of beef going on. You know people shouldn’t assume that type of shit : because from that then you can then say “Hey I heard Cage had beef with Gortex.” And : Gortex and Cage : they have nothing to do with each other. Gortex is down with me, Copywrite is down with Cage – end of story : but if ANYBODY disses me? I’ll break their fucking skull, at their show – I’ll go to their show, while they’re on stage, and split their face open, and all these kids know it. Now Cage : I worked with him, we made his best record ever : by the way, that’s not in my opinion : if you ask HIS fanbase, what HIS best record is? The majority of his fans will say ‘Agent Orange’ or ‘Radiohead’. I made the record for the kid : I worked with him : he didn’t wanna work with me any more after that : that’s the end of my relationship with Cage.

So have you heard his new album?

Necro: Cage’s new album : see : what you’re gonna ask me now is “Have I heard his album?” and if I say yes, THEN you’re gonna ask me “What do I think?” and : I’m not gonna be able to give my honest opinion, because I don’t like to talk shit about people : and my goal is not to talk about Cage. I do understand your position as a press member : totally understand it : you wanna find out these things for the people who check your shit? But my goal is : well : I’m doing my own thing, and I feel that nobody is fucking with what I do. To go and critique other people’s albums : I don’t gain anything from that. I know the fans – they like it. They wanna hear me come out, and say this and that, because to them its great. But in reality with me, I take this shit seriously. If I get dissed – I’m gonna murder somebody. If I’m gonna go diss someone, I’m gonna go up to them, and diss them to their face, in person. If I happen to run into Cage, and he asks me what I think of the album, then I’ll tell him. Besides that : it doesn’t really matter what I think.

Without sounding racist at all… its usually white people who say, when they’re talking about Hiphop that, “its not a colour thing anymore, Hiphop is for everyone.” Yet its undeniable that the majority of Hiphop artists are black. In your opinion, is too much of an issue made of the colour thing? Do you have any idea of how Necro is perceived by the “black” crowd?

Necro: Well, I think Hiphop IS racist. I think black Hiphop is racist against white people, in the same way that in the movie business white people are racist against black people. Matter of fact I think Hiphop is just like Hollywood. In Hollywood you got all these white people, and then you got a few black people who are excellent, and deserve respect : and then you have Hiphop, Hollywood’s musical equivalent : black owned and run : and even though white people are involved : its creatively run by blacks. And most of them are racist towards white people. And : white people are racist towards other white people in Hiphop. Not underground : in underground Hiphop there’s a good chance that a white fan can have love for Necro. But you have to understand that in Hiphop only maybe 5 percent or 10 percent is made up of underground music : the other 90 or 95 percent is actually major label shit. And to the people who inhabit the major label world, you have to be as good as Eminem, or you have to somehow be like Eminem, because to them Eminem is the status quo of a white guy who’s good. You can’t be yourself and be considered dope, until you blow up at a certain level.

My mentality is that Eminem IS a dope rapper : but it just shows you how racist Hiphop is : that they’ll only allow one good guy at a time. Because there are right now, guys out there, other white emcees who are just as good, and maybe better than Eminem. And then if you’re looking at me : half of MY fans ALSO like Eminem. They’re also his fans. And I’m sure a lot of Eminem fans if they knew about Necro would also be feeling my shit. The simple fact is that I haven’t been able to promote myself to a billion people. If I could get a Necro song promoted to a billion people : maybe I won’t be as big as him, but I’m gonna snatch a big piece of the pie, because I’m doing legitimately bangin’ dope shit. My stuff is not wack – its on point and very hardcore : and there’s a lotta people out there who want real hardcore shit because its very rare. And those who are trying to do it? Most of them suck. They’re little kids, little douchebags who are trying to copy me, trying to copy Eminem, trying to copy Cage : they’re all really wannabes. Only a few are legit, who are trying to come with a style that’s just them, that’s original, you know? Don’t get me wrong – everybody’s influenced by all the originals – Kool G Rap, LL, Kane, Rakim : we’re all influenced by those people. Everybody who’s rocking a mic today, has been influenced at some point by these guys, just the way those guys drew influences from Melle Mel and Caz. But there’s a difference between being influenced and just plain biting. Getting back to the question : its not just a black / white thing either : because you don’t see many Latinos blowing up.

You got Big Pun. Fat Joe : and that’s just recently, because of the fact that he’s doing some commercial songs, and because he got a million dollars from J Records. But, besides that, how many hardcore Spanish guys do you see out right now? There’s only one emcee on that level, and Fat Joe ain’t even blowing up the way Pun was. You only seem to see one Spanish guy at a time, and one white guy at a time, and yet how many black guys are out? I’ll go further : think of how many black guys are out there blowing up that fucking suck : fools like Jermaine Dupri. Then you got guys like Mobb Deep, Redman, Jay-Z : guys like that who actually CAN rap : but for the most part you got these other idiots. Why are there not 10 white kids out right now, able to be out in the industry, in the market, blowing up? And by the same token, why are there not 50 white kids out there in the market that suck? Or 50 to 100 Latino rappers? Because most of the white people who have any power in the game : they believe what they’re told by the black people they hire. And it’s a fact that most of the black people who are in these types of positions ain’t trying to see white kids blow up in the Hiphop game. They don’t want it.


You know you’re wasted as a rapper, right? You should’ve been a politician.

Necro: Well its because I get down to the truth. I’m real. I’ll brawl with anybody in this industry. I’ll speak my mind to your face. I rep the most brutal form of hardcore Hiphop : I don’t rep any of that soft shit. I’m down with real cats. I’m respected by people in the street. The thing you gotta bear in mind : when I’m speaking on this shit, I’m not talking about the streets, and the people on the streets : I’m talking about the corporations, the corporate Hiphop industry : a place that isn’t infested with street cats. If you’re from the street and you enter the corporate world, you either have to change and become a very polite person : or be blacklisted. And if you talking about the streets and gutters, and aiming music there – the gutter is filled with people of every colour – black, white, spanish. I’m respected in the gutter. In the corporate world though, people have grudges : they don’t wanna see me or people like me blowing up cos they think we’re gonna rob their shit or something. I look at it from a more practical point of view. Take cars. Some white guy invents a car : does he say “OK here’s a car, now lets just keep it for us. Spanish, blacks, arabs : they can’t drive this car. And if they do : they’re wack.” How fucking ridiculous does that sound? Hiphop is the same – its something creative that everybody wanted to work with. But for some reason, it’s a problem when a white guy tries to do Hiphop.

Me personally, I’m more ghetto and more real than a lot of kids that aren’t white, you know what I mean? Around 95 percent of these kids out here, I would punch them in their face : one on one, me and them in room? They’d get the fucking shit beat out of them. So what does that mean? I’m not fucking somebody up because they’re white, its because I’m a rugged human being : that’s my mentality. I’m rugged-minded, I’m not having bullshit from anybody, and essentially a lot of people don’t see that. All they see is the colour. In a way, I ain’t mad at these people. In fact I can kinda understand it, because certain people have had racism directed towards them by so many white people, that its : its almost like a revenge thing. I’m paying for what other people did. So the only way for me to try to get around that and succeed, is for me to do everything 100 percent myself, and build a whole market revolving around people who understand me, see eye to eye with me, and respect me. Those people will still be loyal to me 50 years from now, whereas these cats who are at the majors, if they don’t come up with the expected figures – they’ll just get dropped cold. Nobody can get rid of me, because I’m always catering to my fans. I’m giving them what they want, and I’m being honest to them – brutally honest. That’s why I get my respect.

I’m not gonna mention other rappers by name, but there’s a lot of them living fucking lies, they tell lies to their fans, and they don’t respect their fans. Me? I’ll sign an autograph, I’ll pose for a picture : I’ll also tell a fan to go fuck himself if he approaches me wrong. I’m not gonna lick a fan’s ass – I treat him like he’s a guy sitting in my house chilling with me. I try to keep everything genuine – genuine to what I want to do, not just for record sales. To me most Hiphop ain’t trying to that anymore : its got to the point where a guy like Russell Simmons, a guy I really respect : even Russell Simmons has reached the point where even he sells Hiphop out. He’s trying to make Hiphop something that’s presentable, that’s not just seen as a “black thing”, but something that’s a business : something on the level of He wants to make it more universal, but to do that he has to sell Hiphop out, by making it more appealing, more non-offensive, more towards doing something that will increase sales as opposed to doing something artistic. Me? I’m trying to do artistic first, and then figure out a way to push what I decide artistically is good, as opposed to what other people do – which is money first : and then we’ll worry about the art later.

Lets switch it up a little and talk about your film career. You came out with “187 Reasons Y” and “The Devil Made Me Do It” :

Necro: Yeah, and the next project is a “Gory Days” special edition CD and DVD which is gonna drop in early September. It’s a 2 and a half hour DVD, that’s gonna have all my movies on it, live shows, gorgeous girls with guns, sick skits, famous rappers saying nice things about me : the whole deal. Its gonna come with the “Gory Days” album which I’ve been selling, plus 2 new bonus tracks :


“Gory Days” has already been out for a little while now : how’s sales of that going?

Necro: “Gory Days” has been out for 10 months. It did OK : it didn’t do what it should have because I didn’t have that much money behind it. I had even less money behind that album, than I did for the “I Need Drugs CD” : simply because it was two different deals. “I Need Drugs” came out on Landspeed originally, and then I did “Gory Days” with Selecta Hits, and out of the two, Landspeed pushed “I Need Drugs” a little more. Essentially I was selling “I Need Drugs” in the street, before I even gave it to Landspeed though, and so that kinda gave it an extra push. Its all good though, because these are all learning experiences, and I’m the type of guy that will learn from all this. I swear to you – I’m gonna be fucking huge in the rap game, because my vision is not the same type of vision that other people have. I got my own vision, and I’m very ambitious, and I believe I’m dropping something that not too many other people in Hiphop can deliver. It might not be for everyone : but I know that a certain amount of people love what I’m doing. And if you got people that love what the fuck you’re doing – you’re there. But most people aren’t smart enough to figure out how to use that to their advantage : either that or they’re too lazy. One thing with me is that I’m not lazy – I have no problem doing what it takes : its just sometimes it takes you a little while to figure out WHAT it takes. Take Edison for example, that cat took maybe 10,000 tries to make a working lightbulb – if he had given up after 9,999 times, we’d all be sitting in the fucking dark. So I try to look at things from that level, and take influences from cats like Master P and Cash Money to all the people in the game who’ve done the illest shit.

Like when you mentioned before about politicians? Not only am I a Hiphop artist that sits down and write lyrics, and make rhymes and beats that kids respect, but I’m also very driven to making myself a music mogul. It’s really not that hard : it comes down to the fact that you have to really WANT it. You know a lot of people like to just sit in their house, in their bedroom, and just freestyle over a beat : and that’s as far as they wanna go. I wanna do more – I wanna get my shit out there, and I wanna get it out to more people than are currently listening to it. There’s a least a million people that need to hear the “Gory Days” album : they need to. Because I think they’ll enjoy it, and I think that they’re listening to whatever else is out, and they have no idea that its there. I feel like they won’t be disappointed if they heard it : it’d be exactly what they’re looking for : like a holy grail : or manna. You know what manna is right?

Yeah… manna from heaven and all that shit…

Necro: Yeah : how the fuck you know about manna? I thought that was a Jewish thing.

My parents raised me right, man! I’m an old school bible thumper :

Necro: Yeah : I see that. Well yeah, my shit is like the manna to these people. And the thing is : I’m aware of this. I really believe that there’s a least a million people out there who could love this : and my plan is : well, I could be 50 years old, maybe not rhyming full time the way I am now : but I’ll be like Martin Scorcese : I’ll make a movie that’s gonna get you to go into the movie theatre to see the new Necro flick, the same way you wanna go out and get that Necro single now. So like figure 20 years from now, you’re gonna remember all the good times you had with Necro when you were younger : you’re gonna go see the movie : and it’s STILL gonna be fucked up. See, I feel like this is a life to death experience : that’s why I find it kinda humourous that certain rappers ending up dying out after 6 or 7 or 10 years – they were good in the 80’s, but they sucked in the 90’s : or good in the 90’s but are shitty now. I feel like that’s because they kinda turned their back on art : if you DON’T turn your back on your art, then how can you EVER be wack? How can you actually fall to the point where people are running round saying you suck? I mean, if I ever had my Necro fanbase turn around and tell me I suck, then that would mean I stopped taking the art seriously, and I’ve lost their respect. But I know if I stay true to what I’m doing : then I’ll always have those peoples’ respect, in the same way that Ozzy Osbourne still has people loving him, 30 years down the line from when he came out.


You’ve also holding shit down on the internet. When you check out your site you’re instantly aware that besides Hiphop, porn and drugs are high on Necro’s list of popular pastimes… you’re not a shy person when it comes to letting us know about your hobbies are you?

Necro: Nope : and I just opened up a new porn offshoot of the Necro site – We got porno movies and DVDs, a few free galleries and shit : so that its not just for you to just come there and buy stuff. Its only been up there for a few months, so its not as good as its gonna get : but at the minute I’m selling around 700 different products now. I got the whole Evil Angel catalogue, which is pretty much the best producers and directors in the business : so we’ll see what happens. I’m glad you mentioned that though – everyone wants to talk about Hiphop, and nobody wants to talk porn with me. I’m a fucking porn connoisseur : (Microsoft’s famous “new email message” jingle echoes in the background) : hold up : somebody just sent me a love letter :


Necro: Somebody just sent me a fucking love letter : what the fuck is this bullshit? Some Jesus, covenant house shit : they got it dressed up to make me believe it’s a fucking love letter : from Sister Mary Rose : get the fuck outta here with that shit :

Looks like they’re trying to convert you :

Necro: Yeah, they can’t convert me though, because I have my own views on God and religion. You CAN’T convert knowledge : the whole point is – what are you gonna convert me to? To a certain religion? That makes no sense, because I already have my own religion. Come to think of it : what is religion really? Its something that’s created by man. I’m not saying that God or gods don’t exist : but the whole set of stories that people quote about Jesus and all : that COULD be bullshit because there’s no proof, and anybody could’ve wrote it, and we all weren’t alive all those years ago – so how are we meant to know what went on in 10,000 BC? For all you know, your grandfather could’ve wrote the bible, and you wouldn’t fucking know. But its all speculative : maybe we ARE gonna go to heaven : but maybe the heaven that THEY wrote about is bullshit : maybe there’s some other type of heaven that we aren’t even aware of. Shit, we could be aliens! First of all you have to look at the human being. The mere fact that we’re made up of so many different parts, we’re comprised of veins and blood and brains, and the way we think? That is some immaculate shit – some NEXT level shit. But if you look at it a different way – God, or whatever god is : could actually be an alien. What IS an alien? It’s the unknown, right? And what is God? God essentially is unknown. So this whole humans on earth thing could maybe be some kind of science project created by some alien as a plaything. Maybe they’re so technically ill, that all this stuff – gravity, physics and all : that’s just like science project shit to them.

Damn : I’m still talking to Necro right? He hasn’t been kidnapped by some mad scientist?

Necro: I’m still here man! Seriously though, when you’re talking about all this religion and science shit, you hear a lot of people always saying “I have to see it to believe it.” Well, I’m of the opinion that “you have to BELIEVE it to see it.” That’s not just a religious belief either – that applies to everything in life. Say for example some kid, is running around talking about how big he’s gonna be in the Hiphop game, and his father’s like, “Yeah right. I’ll believe it when I see it.” The son though – he’s believing in himself and his ability, and that’s why he’s gonna see it.

Lets get back to the Hiphop… you know that heads are saying your production on the Non-Phixion joint outshone DJ Premier, Pete Rock, and Extra P right? How does that feel to be seen as being on that level?

Necro: Well : I appreciate the love. But I’m a person that gives credit where credit is due, and I’m not a person that would EVER shit on Primo or Large Professor. My point is that you have to understand that I haven’t really got my just dues yet – I’m still coming up, and I’m still hungry. Meanwhile you look at Pete Rock and Primo – they’ve already blown up and established their names as amazing producers. I don’t want it to sound like I’m belittling them with this, but in my opinion, Non-Phixion is always gonna sound best over Necro beats, because of the fact that its my brother, and because of the way we are. Not only that : but I’m gonna give them something better than any of those producers because of the fact that I have more love for them. Even though they have love for Non-Phixion, its never gonna be on the same level as me – I mean, my family member is in the group. You also gotta understand that Primo is so busy : everybody’s asking him for beats : and so, he can’t give Non-Phixion the BEST beat that he made that day. Whereas me – I don’t produce for everybody so I got a little more time to work with them, give them a bigger choice of beats, and something a little more reflective of them.

With Primo, I don’t even think they had a choice : he doesn’t have time to give people choices : so its like “You want a beat? Here’s two or three – pick from those.” He’s just so busy : he can’t cater to every motherfucker. So people have to understand that even though they may be running around saying that my beats were better : they have to be aware of the circumstances surrounding the other producers. Maybe there’ll be a time in the future when I’M super busy, and I can’t lace everybody with beats the way I’d like to. And then kids will be talking about me, cos some kid who spends every waking day working on beats has burned me on an album! So you really have to understand the circumstances of what happens in the making of an album. Hopefully kids will read this and they’ll understand that : and they’ll also understand that Necro is a nice humble guy who didn’t try to take all the credit and say “Yeah, I did better than Primo!” That would be stupid because essentially I’m influenced by Premier, and Pete Rock, and Large Professor. All of their early shit is what inspired me when I was making beats. Specifically those guys, because there’s a lot of guys who didn’t : I mean, RZA never influenced me at all. But Large Professor with “Breakin’ Atoms” : damn.

OK – one or two word answers – what’s the first thing that comes into your mind when I say…

Eminem :

Necro: Good rapper.

MC Hammer :

Necro: Ca-ca.

Kool G Rap :

Necro: The best.

The Gravediggaz :

Necro: Decent.

Ron Jeremy :

Necro: God.

Annabel Chong :

Necro: Disgusting bitch.

The internet :

Necro: Incredible.

Bootleggers :

Necro: Pieces of shit.

George Bush :

Necro: Gay.

Osama Bin Laden :

Necro: Motherfucker.

Pamela Anderson :

Necro: Good slut.

Austin Powers :

Necro: Corny.

Necro :

Necro: God.

As already mentioned in this interview, “Gory Days” is being re-released this September as a special CD/DVD package. Be sure to check for it when it drops.

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  1. i agree wit that…hes got that unique flow its sick…and production is dope…bringin’ the heat wit non phixion

  2. yo yo yo
    NECRO IS MA hero
    his music makes me laff
    makes me want 2 snap
    fuck yea necro is god
    the one and only thing 2 follow

  3. Necro is the best rapper there is… i don’t give a motherfuck what many people say… in all points of view i’d say necro is da most skillfull out there… he gets my respect and im a big fan… thats it…

  4. Necro is one of the best rappers alive he shits all over main stream rap.
    I have been listening to Necro for 2yrs now and nearly have ever album because its hard to get Necro in Australia.

    Long Story Short
    Necro & Non Phixion 4 Life.

    Check Out:Do It Feat. Necro

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