Verbals by A to the L
Josh Martinez – Rumble Pie EP (Low Pressure Records)
Straight out of his normal position in left-field, Mr Martinez according to the press release for this, is trying “to shed the hippy image” that’s followed him around. Sorry Josh, but this EP isn’t gonna help shift it. This EP is kooky… its strange… the emceeing is totally off the wall… the beats sound like they were jacked from a 70’s porno flick. ‘Rip Rap’ is a 100-mile-an-hour romp over a set of funky guitar licks that will certainly take you by surprise – its as far from 2002 Hiphop as you can get. ‘Nightmares’ (a 2-parter of sorts) is a return to fairly “normal” Hiphop landscapes, with a simple beat-snare combo combining with a mournful piano loop on part 1, before changing halfway through. Producer Sichuan still keeps the mood sombre though with another sad little piano routine on this beat. Josh doesn’t let this hold him back though, continuing with his motormouth rhyming style throughout, and actually bouncing back off the beats perfectly. ‘The Deep End’ is a little bland to begin with, especially after the maniac styles displayed on the last couple of tracks, but improves with by way of a trippy hypnotic chorus to keep interest levels from falling too far. Next cut ‘Women (Loving Women)’ is very Beck-esque – there’s a definite indie rock-meets-country-meets-Hiphop vibe going on here, and to be honest it really doesn’t appeal to me. Again though, there’s an interesting chorus that does make the ears prick up again, before it slides back into dull territory. The B side gives you instrumentals of those first 3 tracks, plus a cut called ‘Outlook’ which is a bit of a rambler to be honest. If you can look past the anti-Hiphop vibe this gives off, then you may enjoy it – the first couple of tracks are certainly worth returning to.
RATING: 5 / 10