ARTICLE: And THEY want to protect US?

And THEY want to protect US? (By Kenny Love)

Today, (Wednesday, August 28, 2002), the RIAA web site was not only hacked into once, but twice. When I received the notice from MSNBC, on one hand, I snickered, while on the other hand, I questioned why such an organization that is heralding a cause to “protect” musicians and their works, is not more protective of, and has not implemented more advanced security measures with its own web site.

Just think… if this was your bank, of which you had entrusted your life’s savings and hard-earned money. And, in a sense, I suppose that the RIAA can be referred to as a, sort of, “bank” for us musicians, even if limited to its (now questionable) policing power, in terms of copyright.

And, in having said that, to what degree is the RIAA web site “hack-able?” If hackers can get into the site at all, can they not also venture into even more highly sensitive territory?

Can you see how all of this could, potentially, come crashing down, so to speak? Hmm… these are truly thoughts to ponder, aren’t they?

I certainly hope the RIAA has one heck of a backup plan in place because I, for one, am certain that the hackers could have gone much farther, particularly, since they were able to “re-hack” into the site following, I assume, the RIAA closing the previously hacked area.

However, in not doing so, I also assume that the hackers were sending a strong message to the RIAA that, not only is it not untouchable, but for it to also review some of the issues it has on the table that are meeting with strong criticism from both musicians and fans alike. Yeah, I certainly can sleep a lot better knowing that the RIAA ‘has my back’.

I hesitate in publishing the news release link here, as very often, sites transfer or remove some pages, of which I then receive countless emails saying, “Hey, Kenny! The link don’t work, dude!” And, to which I am then forced to respond, “Hey, dude! I take the 5th!” But, here goes… 955776.html?type=pt&part=msnbc&tag=alert&form=feed&subj=cnetnews

P. S. After writing this article, to give them the benefit of the doubt, I attempted to access the RIAA web site (not hacking, though), but was largely unsuccessful. In fact, I was completely unsuccessful.

However, what is even more ironic, is that on October 15, 2001, writer Declan McCullagh, wrote a chilling article titled, “RIAA Wants to Hack Your PC.” You can review it here (although I cannot guarantee for how long). Chilling, I tell ya… absolutely chilling!

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